LIVE | Thousands protest in Berlin against corona measures Inland


Some 17,000 people have demonstrated in Berlin against measures by which the German government is trying to control the corona virus. The demonstrators believe that the government has no right to implement all kinds of freedom-restricting measures. “We demand a return to democracy,” said one of the protesters. Another called the corona pandemic “the greatest conspiracy theory.”

The police determined that the demonstrators were not following the rules. For example, it was not possible to keep distance from others. The organizer behind the protest must answer to the police for this. The demonstration ended in the afternoon after the procession arrived at the Brandenburg Gate.

The demonstrators included self-proclaimed libertarians, people who see themselves as advocates for fundamental rights, and Germans who are skeptical of the scientific basis for action. Among other things, they are opposed to the obligation to wear a mask in public buildings and public transport. There is also a small group of right-wing extremist protesters. Their presence provoked a counter-demonstration. The police separated the groups.

The largest group of protesters gathered in the center of the city. They walked in a protest march through the Tiergarten Park, not far from the German parliament.

In general, Germans adhere well to the corona measures of the government, for which there is also much support among the population. The minority who are against it have been stirring more often lately. Demonstrations against corona policy have also been held in other cities.

National politicians are embarrassed by the demonstration. Social Democratic SPD Vice-President Saskia Esken called protesters who disobey the measures “covidiots” who are “creating a second wave through their demonstration.”

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