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Hospitals are currently treating 118 patients with corona – the highest number in recent weeks. Most come from the regions of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, reports the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS). There are 30 people with Covid-19 in the intensive care units. That is the highest number since late June.

“Based on the number of new infections, we expect a further increase in the next two weeks,” says chairman Ernst Kuipers of the Landelijk Netwerk Acute Zorg. Nursing wards treat 88 people with the coronavirus, the highest number since July 25.

The intensive care units also contain 584 people with other conditions, such as serious heart complaints and cancer, or people who have had an accident. This means that a total of 614 people are treated in intensive care. About 500 beds in total are currently not in use.

Between Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning, 426 new corona patients were diagnosed. That is less than Tuesday’s 485, but it is the seventh day in a row with more than 300 new infections.

In Rotterdam-Rijnmond, the largest seat of fire, 142 new corona cases were added on Wednesday. That is the highest number since April 11. In the past seven days, nearly 800 corona cases have been discovered in Rotterdam and its environs.

Record in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam-Amstelland region had a record Tuesday with 149 positive tests. On Wednesday, the region reported 67 new cases. That is more than in the days before Tuesday. In the past week, the number of infections in and around the capital increased by nearly 500.

In Haaglanden, 43 people were told that they had become infected. 42 cases were added in Central and West Brabant. Utrecht reported 25 new cases and Hollands Midden 19.

The GGD Amsterdam and the Amsterdam-Amstelland Safety Region are concerned about the increase in the number of corona infections. Source and contact research shows that people often contract corona at parties, at friends ‘or relatives’ homes and in the catering industry. “Increasing and worrisome figures for the Amsterdam region,” say both in a joint press release.

Striking clusters of infections (more than three infections around the same meeting) have been observed among Amsterdammers with a migration background in New West, among catering visitors in the city center and among students, GGD and the Safety Region report.

The safety region and the GGD urge everyone to continue to observe the corona rules. Mayor Femke Halsema says she understands too well that people visit each other again and need “a party at home, a wedding or a nice evening in the pub with friends.” But the figures show that the coronavirus actually spreads at these kinds of meetings. “It is striking that especially young people are now infected and therefore pose a risk to the entire city and region.”

Plenary corona debate nonetheless

Next Wednesday, the House of Representatives will hold a plenary debate on the developments surrounding the new corona virus. The coalition parties agreed to this on Wednesday.

A committee meeting was originally scheduled for that day. This is replaced by the plenary debate. An important difference is that MPs can come up with proposals directly themselves.

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