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Entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry cannot deny access to customers if they refuse to provide their contact details. The Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZK) emphasizes this. Confusion arose among catering businesses about the tightened measure, which the cabinet announced last week.

Since Monday, entrepreneurs have been obliged to ask guests to leave their contact details. People can refuse this and if they do, a case based on it should not deny them access.

The data is intended to be able to carry out a quick and proper source and contact investigation if it appears that contamination has taken place in a café or restaurant, according to EZK.

That entrepreneurs cannot deny people access on the basis of such a refusal, was also stated in a letter from the cabinet last week. Still, there was a lack of clarity in the industry.

For example, a spokesman for hotel chain Van der Valk said on Monday that it differs per location, whether people are refused if they do not want to provide contact details.

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