LIVE: Dust bites, puffing, sweating and tearing up in sweltering Strade | Strade Bianche 2020


The Strade Bianche is also on the program for women. Last year Annemiek Van Vleuten won in Italy. Also this year she has more than good form. Follow the action on this page. Watch our live stream from 3.10 p.m.

  1. 2:47 PM. In the leading group, things don’t go fast enough for Garcia, who flies off. She immediately pounds 20 dusty seconds together. .
  2. 2 pm 43. The 11 names. We can provide you with the 11 names that lead the way: Spratt, Garcia, Leleivyte, Canuel, Shapira, Paladin, Brennauer, Thomas, Chapman, Van Dijk & amp; Balsamo are the brave women. .
  3. 2 pm 41. The group of 7 becomes one of 11. An interesting situation, because none of the leaders seem to be with them. .
  4. 14h40. Yes, there they go! We thought the pace would slow down for a while, but nothing could be further from the truth. German champion Lisa Brennauer goes on an adventure with 6 companions. Who will follow? .
  5. 2 pm 36. Some names. There is not yet much information about the women who are posted at the front. Some names we can confirm: & nbsp; Christine Majerus, & nbsp; Omer Shapira, & nbsp; Annemiek van Vleuten, & nbsp; Elisa Longo Borghini, & nbsp; Marianne Vos and & nbsp; Jeanne Korevaar. .
  6. 2 pm 34. Will more riders come back? That could just be, because it is still more than 30 km to the next gravel strip. The pace should slow down, although some probably already know what time it is. .
  7. 2 pm 31. Group of 40. After sector 5 we count 20 cups at the front of the race, but the descent that follows allows about the same number of women to return. We are still about 40. .
  8. Dust bites. 2 pm 21.
  9. 2 pm 19. As expected, the fifth gravel strip of 9.5 km has provided a selection. We still have to wait for the names of the strong women in the front. Former world champions Anna van der Breggen and Lizzie Deignan set the pace. .
  10. 2 pm 11. Halfway! We are at kilometer 68, which means that we are half way! The pace on the fifth gravel strip is not too slow, to say the least. Several riders have a hard time hooking up their car and getting lost more and more in the dust. .
  11. 2 pm 09.
  12. 2 pm 08.
  13. 2 p.m. 06.
  14. 13h54. The riders are slowly approaching the fifth lane of the day, also the longest. Flying 9.5 kilometers over the gravel strip, hoping that the tires will not deflate. .
  15. Tempo drops again. After a good and fast 50 kilometers on the clock, the pace has slowed down again. Everything seems to come together again when entering the feeding zone. & Nbsp; . 1 pm 33.
  16. 1 pm 16. Fast pace. On the third gravel strip of the day, the pace is blisteringly fast. There are some breaks in the peloton and 13 riders are ahead. A few kilometers later, the 13-strong group already has about 40 riders. .
  17. 12h43. Omer Shapira gives it a try, goes a good 10 kilometers solo, but is swallowed up again by the big suit. .
  18. 12h41. Put it all back together. The first gravel strip is over and the early birds have been caught again. Everything is back together. Who will fly away next? .
  19. 12h25. Melissa van Neck and Giorgia Vettorello are the first 2 women to test the legs. They choose the early attack. They ride 50 “together, & nbsp; Kseniya Dobrynina is the lone pursuer.
  20. 12 noon 13. Live stream at 3.10 pm. For now you have to do it with our text updates, but from 3.10 pm you can go here with live images of the match. Or you can of course also tune to one. .
  21. 12 o’clock . START! The riders have left for a tour of 136 kilometers. Do we get an early escape right away, or do the women feel a bit first? .
  22. 11 hours 54.
  23. Lotto-Soudal Ladies exploring. 11 hours 53.
  24. 11 hours 52. Limited list of Belgians. We can count the Belgian riders at the start in Italy on 1 hand. With Lone Meertens and Julie Van de Velde, the only 2 compatriots are with Lotto-Soudal Ladies. .
  25. 11 a.m. 49. Favorites list. The top favorite for today is undoubtedly Annemiek Van Vleuten, who also won last year. Other names to be sure to keep an eye out for include Anna van der Breggen, Elisa Longo Borghini, Katarzyna Niewiadoma and Mavi Garcia and & nbsp; Marta Bastianelli. .
  26. 11 am 17. I am really looking forward to the Strade Bianche! I have taken the confidence from the Spanish races, but I am also realistic and know that there is a lot of competition. Top favorite Annemiek Van Vleuten on her website.
  27. 11 am 05. Thieves take off with bicycles from the Trek women’s team. The Trek-Segafredo women’s team will not be able to finish the Strade Bianche on normal bikes today. After all, thieves went on Friday night with 6 copies. “Bad start to the day for the team in Italy,” the American team tweeted. “6 bikes (Trek Émonda) from the women’s team were stolen last night. The thieves broke into the roof of the truck and stole the bikes. The riders will ride the Strade Bianche with spare bikes.” .
  28. 01-08-2020.
  29. 4 pm 49. That’s how it went last year: Van Vleuten is in a class of its own.

    This is how it went last year: Van Vleuten is in a class of its own

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