LIVE: Can Club Brugge flush a cup defeat against stiff Charleroi? | Jupiler Pro League 2020/2021


  1. 20 ‘- Verv. Simon Deli door Federico Ricca
  2. 17 ‘- Yellow – Marco Ilaimaharitra

After 5 months without competition football, Club Brugge opens the new season against Charleroi today. Coach Philippe Clement wants his players not to underestimate the opponent. Follow the match from 4.30 pm.

  1. first half, minute 25. Drink break. After 25 minutes of play, Visser gives the 22 players a drink break. Club Brugge took full responsibility for the first quarter of the match. Charleroi does not appear in the play. .
  2. first half, minute 24. Mata cuts with right to his left, but cannot threaten Penneteau. & nbsp; .
  3. first half, minute 23. Vormer takes off with the left foot, while Sobol was better positioned to take out with the right. The Dutchman is aiming for Willems. .
  4. first half, minute 21. After barely 20 minutes of play, the first game of the season for Deli is already over. He is replaced by Ricca with a quadriceps injury. .
  5. first half, minute 20. Replacement at Club Brugge, Federico Ricca in, Simon Deli out
  6. Yellow card for Marco Ilaimaharitra of Charleroi during first half, minute 17
  7. first half, minute 16. Vanaken looks better than in the lost cup final against Antwerp. The Golden Shoe is often involved in the game and plays well. A daring deep ball to Dennis fails, but bears witness to vista. .
  8. first half, minute 14. Deli spurts and grabs the quadriceps. Muscle injury? & Nbsp; .
  9. first half, minute 11. Hard bang from Sobol. Sobol will be given time and space to build from the second line. His hard bang with the left does not go that far in front. Club is boss in the opening phase. .
  10. first half, minute 10. Charleroi gets the Club’s back line for the first time and gets a corner kick. Morioka picks out Nicholson at the far post, but he heads faintly in the hands of Mignolet. .
  11. first half, minute 9. A free kick by Vormer is returned to Vanaken at the far post. Mechele takes over, but does not aim his punt within the frame. .
  12. first half, minute 8. Badji shakes a nice dribble out of his slippers and plays Vormer, who finds Dennis on the flank. The Nigerian starts on a difficult number and gets stuck. .
  13. first half, minute 5. First chance is for Club! Vanaken separates Badji with a vintage Vanaken pass, but from an oblique angle the young attacker misses the opportunity. .
  14. first half, minute 4. Dennis tries to murmur himself between two visitors, but is stopped by Gholizadeh. .
  15. first half, minute 2. Zipper is warming up – well, but it doesn’t look like Balanta will have to retire. .
  16. first half, minute 1. Already in the first minute Balanta gets a heavy blow from Nicholson. The bumpy midfielder grabs for the head and needs care. .
  17. first half, minute 1. Kick-off! After five months of our hunger, Belgian competition football is finally being played again. Club Brugge opens the season with Badji in the starting line-up against Charleroi, where newcomer Gillet is the titular. .
  18. first half, minute 1 match started
  19. beforehand, 4:29 PM. The referee on duty in Jan Breydel is Lawrence Visser. .
  20. beforehand, 4:23 PM. We will try to build on what we built up last season. Even in these weather conditions, my players have to go for it 150 percent. Karim Belhocine, Charleroi coach.
  21. beforehand, 4 p.m. I expect my players to be ready this time from the first second, and not after half time. We have to put pressure right away and use a high ball pace, although that will not be an easy task in this heat. Philippe Clement, coach Club Brugge.
  22. beforehand, 15h59. Gillet titular at the Zebras. The visitors start the match without Rezaei, who is not allowed to play against his mother club. Nicholson replaces him in the front. Newcomer Guillaume Gillet starts in the base for the Carolos. Dorian Dessoleil, who blew out 28 candles yesterday, is captain. .
  23. beforehand, 15h50. Clement changes in two positions. Club coach Clement saw that his team lacked sharpness in the lost cup final against Antwerp last week. Only 18-year-old Badji could occasionally pose a threat after his raid. The attacker is rewarded with a basic place against Charleroi. Dennis is also at the kick-off. De Ketelaere and Okereke fall next to the team. .
  24. beforehand, 15.40. It should be better against Charleroi than against Antwerp in the cup final. But I don’t think that performance was just another bad day at the office. It would really surprise me if last season’s team suddenly stands up against Charleroi again. Eric Goens, TV creator and Club fan.
  25. in advance, 15 hours 38.
  26. beforehand, 15h35. Novelty at Sporza. For every match day this season we will release a BV that supports one of the clubs in the Jupiler Pro League. We start with Eric Goens, a fan of national champions Club Brugge. .
  27. beforehand, 3:32 pm. We will not tag out Charleroi and arrive 5 times before Penneteau. Charleroi is just too good for that. Last season it were 2 difficult matches against Charleroi. Coach Philippe Clement.
  28. beforehand, 3.30 pm Clement: “Charleroi is like Antwerp”. Philippe Clement is wary of Charleroi, last season’s revelation. “After a cup final with an opponent putting a block, there is 1 team you don’t want to play against. And that is Charleroi. Just like Antwerp, Charleroi is strong on the defensive and plays counter football.” .
  29. in advance, 15 hours 25.
  30. beforehand, 15h15. Defending champion Club opens season. After 5 months without competition football, today is finally playing football in the Jupiler Pro League. Defending champion Club Brugge will be given the honor to kick-start the new season against Charleroi. Follow the match from 4.30 pm. .
  31. In advance, 15h15
  32. Line-up Club Brugge. Simon Mignolet, Clinton Mata, Brandon Mechele, Simon Deli, Krépin Diatta, Ruud Vormer, Éder Balanta, Hans Vanaken, Eduard Sobol, Youssouph Badji, Dennis
  33. Opstelling Charleroi. Nicolas Penneteau, Maxime Busi, Steeven Willems, Dorian Dessoleil, Joris Kayembe, Mamadou Fall, Guillaume Gillet, Ali Gholizadeh, Marco Ilaimaharitra, Ryota Morioka, Shamar Nicholson
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