Live blog: Corona infections double to an average of 448 per day, hospital admissions are also rising


The governor of the Japanese region of Okinawa has declared a state of emergency because the corona virus is undergoing a major second advance. The population is asked to remain as much as possible in home isolation for two weeks.

Governor Denny Tamaki declared a state of emergency on Friday. It will certainly be valid until August 15. The number of infections in the Okinawa region, a tourist attraction, has been going the wrong way in recent weeks. According to the governor, the hospitals in the prefecture have meanwhile been flooded with corona patients.

Okinawa residents have been asked to avoid all non-essential travel and stay at home as much as possible. There is no obligation, but government recommendations are generally well followed in Japan.

Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture of Japan. The area consists of several hundred islands and has several US military bases, which appear to be responsible for the significant increase in corona patients: of the 395 new corona contaminations in the region, 248 were identified among the US Marines, leading to tensions between the Japanese authorities and US representatives in the area. In total, approximately 20,000 U.S. military personnel are based in Okinawa.

The number of corona infections has also increased sharply in the Japanese capital Tokyo in recent weeks. Restaurants, bars and karaoke bars have been asked to close from 10pm from August 3rd until the end of August.

Japan already has a total of 35,200 infections and just over 1,000 deaths since the first corona case was diagnosed in January. Since the state of emergency was lifted in May, the number of patients has been on the rise again.


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