Litzman spoke out against Netanyahu at the Corona meeting over the opening of restaurants: “You despise me”


Yaakov Litzman, Benjamin Netanyahu (YouTube / IsraeliPM)
A stormy confrontation in the Corona Cabinet today, between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Housing and Construction and former Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman.

During the discussion, the cabinet discussed the various restrictions in light of the growing morbidity, with some of the issues dealing with restrictions on the opening of restaurants. Litzman was angry with Netanyahu and claimed that they “despise the ultra-Orthodox public” in everything related to the differences in the relationship between restaurants and religious institutions. According to reports, there were three loud confrontations between Litzman and Netanyahu, and finally Netanyahu left the yeshiva and said: “Then you will know why” when Netanyahu explained that it was a “national need” and returned to the yeshiva a few minutes later. At the same time, balloon terrorism continued. Gaza, so it may be that Netanyahu went out for security needs, not political ones.

Meanwhile, the cabinet is expected to allow only 10 people to enter and 30 outside in spaces of less than 80 square meters. In spaces larger than 80 meters and more – a gathering of 20 people inside is expected to be allowed and the number sitting outside will remain the same – 30 people. The number of people in the small restaurants will be reduced by 50% inside the restaurant, with a mandatory distance between the tables. The Corona Cabinet has decided on a uniform outline for the operation of all closed spaces, including synagogues and restaurants.

Corona Committee Chairman Yifat Shasha Bitton said of the cabinet discussions that “according to the data and the trend of morbidity, there is no reason to reduce the activity of restaurants! Business owners and employees cannot conduct themselves with instability and uncertainty. “Shasha Bitton added:” Open the cultural halls as well. ”

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