Little clarity about fatal stabbing in Rotterdam | Inland


Local media report that “unrequited love” would have triggered the stabbing. The girl who stabbed would have been in love with the victim. “We also know those stories. We include them in the research. ”

Family and friends of the victim hold a silent march on Friday evening. It is still unclear how large the turnout will be and whether, for example, traffic controllers will be deployed. “We assume that it will be an impressive, respectful trip,” said the police spokesman. Via social media, participants are asked to wear a mouth mask and to bring a white rose.

The organization is consulting with the municipality of Rotterdam about a process that is ‘corona-proof’. “It must be able to take place safely,” said the municipality. “So the route has not yet been determined.” According to local media, the plan is to start the tour at 6.45 p.m. at Marconiplein in the Spangen district. The end point would be the Mathenesserdijk, where the girl was stabbed to death in a house.


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