Lior Rapalov: Speaks after the cup final with Antwerp


Lior Rapalov did it again. In 2015 he scored a crazy goal in extra time and awarded Club Brugge the trophy, almost five years later he was the one to decide the match and prevented his ex from doubling and arranging for Antwerp, his team for the past two years, a bachelor’s degree since winning its last trophy in 1992.

Raphaelov scored the only goal in the cup final held without a crowd, Tsekhalek who although officially finished for the Belgians the 2019/20 season, but actually opened the 2020/21 season – the Belgians, as is known, did not renew the league last season following the spread of Corona virus and Raphaelov’s luck And his friends, the cup final has been postponed to early August.

Also on a very short staff and with the third goalkeeper between the posts, Antwerp made history. The hero of the game, Lior Rapalov in Belgium has already reached three finals and won all three (he only lost in 2016 with Bruges to Liege), first talked about the ex: “Playing against Club Brugge is always very special for me, probably in a final game. We prepared well and even though we were in a very difficult situation because many players left us, we managed to win – so an outstanding title of the game goes to the whole team for the effort, not just me “.

Lior Refaelov | KURT DESPLENTER / BELGA MAG / AFP via Getty Images

Raphaelov added: “Our game plan worked perfectly. We were good in the first half, in the second half it was a bit anti-football on our part – but in the end what matters is the result. If we celebrate the win? I do not know if this is allowed. ”

Lior Rapalov celebrates with his friends | KURT DESPLENTER / BELGA MAG / AFP via Getty Images


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