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Limburgers are more afraid of the corona virus than Randstad residents. Christian Hoebe of GGD Zuid-Limburg has that impression.
Because the corona virus has taken hold in the province this spring, many Limburgers know someone who has been infected with the virus. “As a result, I think we are doing our best a bit more than, for example, the people of Rotterdam,” said the head of infectious disease control in L1mburg Central on Tuesday. In South Holland, 44 out of 100,000 people are infected with the virus. In North Holland there are 38 out of 100,000.
In the past 7 days, 75 new corona infections have been reported in Limburg. Less than 7 Limburgers are infected per 100,000 inhabitants. No new deaths and hospitalizations were reported last week.
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Young people
Young people in particular contract corona infections. This is mainly because they celebrate parties in home situations and if one person is infected, the virus can spread quickly. “Then you have the dolls dancing,” says Hoebe. Such corona fires have not yet been detected in Limburg, he says.
The source and contact investigation is also progressing well in Limburg, Hoebe concludes. According to him, it is possible to trace 98 percent of the contamination sources in Limburg. In the first week of August, the GGD in Limburg conducted just over 4000 tests. “The infections are also in Limburg in young people between 20 and 30 years old.” Because they often do not become seriously ill from the virus, the number of hospital admissions in Limburg remains low, Hoebe explains.
He calls on people with corona-related complaints to have themselves tested. According to Hoebe, many people are used to getting sick first and only when that does not help to visit the doctor. “Almost corona is different,” says Hoebe. “Get tested right away, so we can stem the spread of the virus.”


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