Limburg mink farm again infected with corona virus


Image: Hollandse Hoogte / ANP

Ven-Zelderheide –
Corona virus infection has been detected at a mink farm in Ven-Zelderheide. The company will be cleared as soon as possible, the Ministry of Health reports.

It concerns a company with approximately 1800 mother animals. The infection emerged from the so-called ‘early warning’ system, which means that mink farms are obliged to send cadavers of naturally dead animals for examination every week.

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A total of thirty mink farms in the Netherlands have now been declared infected. The other 29 companies have all been cleared.

There are suspicions of infections from two more companies. Final results are expected on Friday.


The Mens, Dier & Peel foundation, which is committed to improving the environment and quality of life in the Peel region, called on the cabinet on Thursday to remove all minks in the Netherlands as quickly as possible to prevent new infections. In a letter to Ministers Schouten of Agriculture and De Jonge of Public Health, the foundation states that the policy pursued so far has not resulted in the ending of infections on mink farms. The foundation sees preventive culling as the only solution.

The foundation also wants a scheme to be introduced to prevent culled mink farms from restarting. ‘It cannot be the case that infected mink farms are cleared with a lot of public money and then have them restarted this autumn with all the risks of new hot spots of the corona virus developing.

According to the foundation, 37 percent of all minks in North Limburg have now been removed. It concerns five companies.


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