Likud: “While the Prime Minister fights to get the economy back to normal – Channel 12 encourages demonstrations inciting murder”


The Likud party this evening (Saturday) criticized Channel 12 for excessive coverage of protests in which messages of incitement to the murder of the prime minister and his family are conveyed.

Likud: “While Prime Minister Netanyahu is fighting to return the Israeli economy to normal and to transfer funds and grants to Israeli citizens, Channel 12 is doing everything to encourage the far-left demonstrations of Lapid and Ayman Odeh, which are inciting murder against the prime minister and his family.

All over the world, the media and countries are working for the citizens, while our reporters and commentators are mobilized on the “Demonstration Channel 12″ for the left-wing riots against the government that is fighting for the lives and livelihoods of the citizens of Israel. It will not help them. We will continue to work for you and win. ”


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