Lightning strikes a cathedral in Antwerp


The thunderstorm that hit Antwerp on Friday evening after a scorching hot day has produced spectacular images. From the Handschoenmarkt it was filmed how lightning struck the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp.

Nik Nielandt made the images from De Oude Koornmarkt. “I’ve lived there all my life. So during a thunderstorm I always look at the cathedral. ” He had been looking at the tower for 24 years to see lightning strike, he says on Facebook. And now he has even been able to make images.

The Antwerp fire brigade confirms that they are authentic. “We went on the spot after the alarm went off from the cathedral,” said spokeswoman Jasmien O of the Antwerp Fire Brigade Zone. “Nothing could be determined in the cathedral, there is no damage.”

According to the fire brigade, it is rather rare that lightning strikes the cathedral. “But it happens occasionally.”

The images certainly prove that lightning does not always strike at the highest point, as is often assumed. That is why there are lightning rods on both the tower and the roof of the cathedral.


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