Light movements in Tel Aviv, Teva drops 3.5%


Tel Aviv 35 drops 0.15%; The oil index rises 1.6%; Fattal jumps 5.8% after bond issue; Electraion drops 3.8% on day one in Tel Aviv 125

The first trading day of this week is stable, against the background of the mixed trend recorded over the weekend in the US, with increased tensions between it and China, in the face of stronger-than-expected macro data on the return to work index. Pi traded close to base levels (0.06%) while the Nasdaq lost 0.87%.

In Europe, trading ended this weekend with price increases, Dex added 0.66%, Potsey and Dex rose slightly by 0.09% each. In Asia, prices fell on the last trading day, the Nikkei fell 0.4%, Shanghai lost a percentage point and the Heng Seng Index fell 1.6%. The price of oil fell 0.83% to $ 41.60 and gold weakened 1.13% but still traded above 2000, at a rate of $ 2046.1 per ounce.

The dual shares return to Tel Aviv with a negative gap of 0.2% and are expected to cloud the indices. The new shares in Tel Aviv 35 – Nova returns with a negative gap of 4.1% and Ofeko with a negative gap of 3.7%. Another notable on the negative side is Teva, which returns with a large gap of 3.8%. On the other hand, LivePerson returns with a positive gap of 3.3%, ICC with a positive gap of 1.3%, and Tower with a positive gap of 1.15%

The reporting season continues in Tel Aviv, this week Amot, Matrix, the stock exchange, Melisron, Elbit Systems and many others are expected to report. On Thursday, the indices were updated on the local stock exchange. The Tel Aviv 35 Index was joined by 6 new shares – Matrix, Nova, Energix, Mitronics, Sapiens and Ofco, and Delek Group, Delek Drilling, Israel Corporation, Zen, Gazit Globe and Fattal emerged from it.

The last trading day in Tel Aviv ended with declines of most of the main gates. The Tel Aviv 35 Index remained unchanged, the Tel Aviv 125 Index was down 0.27% and the Tel Aviv SME60 Index was down 1.06%. As for the sectoral indices, the Communications Index stood out when it fell 2.18%. The Oil and Gas Index was down 2.01%, Tel Aviv Technology Decreased by 1.98%, the Banks Index decreased by 0.46%. The biomed index stood out positively when it rose 1%.


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