Lierse-Kempenzonen will play in 1B this season: “We h …



Last season thirteenth in the first amateur class, next season in 1B. Due to the decision of the Pro League to start eighteen in 1A next season, Lierse-Kempenzonen promotes again to professional football. “We are ready,” said chairman Luc Van Thillo.

Two years after the bankruptcy of SK Lierse, Lierse-Kempenzonen is again in 1B. The club indirectly benefits from the legal steps taken by Waasland-Beveren, Beerschot and OHL to fill the free places in our professional football.

“We have always taken this possibility into account,” said Chairman Luc Van Thillo. “At first we thought we could take advantage because a number of professional clubs ran into financial difficulties and threatened to miss out on their license. We then applied for and also received a professional license. That means we are ready. ”

“We are a professional club with a full professional core that plays in a professional stadium,” says Van Thillo. “Last year we had a less season, but we learned lessons from that. We let many players go and built a new core with many players from 1B. Here and there, reinforcements are still needed, but the basis is there. ”

Not a championship party

Van Thillo is not going to build a championship party. “Let us remain modest. We are especially pleased that there is a solution for Belgian football and that there is no longer a fight in court but on the field. We ourselves have not been involved in the discussions. But we have our contacts and we have informed the other clubs that we are ready. ”

“Lierse-Kempenzonen has its place in professional football,” says Van Thillo. “We have had 3,000 subscribers in the first amateur for two years. We have a great and large support base. It’s fantastic for those thousands of fans that we can get promoted. Last season we usually played for 4,000 fans, hopefully some more will be added now. ”


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