Lieberman’s Photoshop Incident


Only yesterday (Sunday) we told you for the first time that Ira Dolphin received a surprising phone call. On the line was none other than Knesset member and chairman of Yisrael Beiteinu, Avigdor Lieberman, who decided to change his life routine in everything related to fitness and personally turned to Ira.

After extensive testing by his team, Lieberman arrived with heavy security for his first training session with Ira. In the not-so-simple days of the Corona, this kind of support for businesses of all kinds can only do good, and Lieberman and Ira would have looked tired and satisfied. Shortly after the end of training, Lieberman’s official Facebook page posted a rather innocent picture, but surfers noticed a surprising Photoshop.

In the published photo, Lieberman could be seen in one section, but in the mirror on the left, another version can be seen with certainty. ““Lieberman mentioned that he does sports and is healthy and also really, really sculpted and thin, only that his team forgot to edit the look as well,” the network wrote when the photo was distributed.Pity the graphic artist. “

So no, there is probably no need to feel sorry for the graphic designer, because Lieberman commented from his Facebook account on a post that appeared in “Tweeting Status”, and wrote with humor: “My right side has always been stronger. (By the way, no graphics here, it’s really a matter of angle ).


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