Lieberman “Witnesses split personality from elected officials”


The chairman of Yisrael Beiteinu, Avigdor Lieberman, today (Thursday) addressed the Lebanese flag-raising storm over the construction of the Tel Aviv municipality, and went out against the critics of the move.
As the Prime Minister instructs the head of the National Security Council to offer the Lebanese government immediate assistance, including the transfer of the wounded to hospitals in Israel, this is a welcome and humanitarian step. When the mayor of Tel Aviv decides to light up the city hall in the colors of the Lebanese flag as a sign of solidarity, it is a step of betrayal. Apparently the same politicians and people on behalf of them forgot the Lebanese citizens, SLA fighters, who fought side by side with IDF soldiers. The citizens of Lebanon are not the enemy. The Hezbollah organization that took over the country did. “

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Even in the Arab world, they did not remain indifferent to the gesture of the Tel Aviv Municipality. The IDF’s spokesman in Arabic, Avichai Adrei, uploaded pictures of the illuminated city hall on his Twitter account, and wrote: “The State of Israel stands together with the Lebanese people, its government and its army. Our heart is with you and we will rest with you. “The reactions were not long in coming:” Israel is only in your dreams. This is the land of the Palestinians “and” and in the end we will discover that the Zionists are responsible for the explosion, as in the Twin Towers “are just some of them.


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