Lieberman on the illumination of the Tel Aviv municipality in Lebanese colors: “Citizens are not …


The chairman of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, Avigdor Lieberman, this morning (Thursday) referred to the decision of Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai to light the city building in the colors of the Lebanese flag and to Netanyahu’s proposal to provide humanitarian aid to Lebanese civilians.

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“In the last day we have witnessed a split in personality on the part of some elected officials and political activists,” Lieberman wrote on his Twitter account. “When the Prime Minister instructs the head of the National Security Council to offer the Lebanese government immediate assistance, including the transfer of the wounded to hospitals in Israel, this is a welcome and humanitarian step. “When the mayor of Tel Aviv decides to light the city hall in the colors of the Lebanese flag as a sign of solidarity, it is a step of betrayal.”

“Apparently the same politicians and people on behalf of us forgot the Lebanese citizens, SLA fighters, who fought side by side with IDF soldiers,” Lieberman continued. “The citizens of Lebanon are not the enemy. The Hezbollah organization that has taken over the country – yes.”

The Lebanese flag is lit on the Tel Aviv Municipality building, last night | Photo: N12

After the huge explosion that destroyed large parts of Beirut on Tuesday, Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai decided to light up the city hall in the colors of the Lebanese flag as a sign of solidarity with the disaster that befell the country. The gesture provoked a storm and won without a few criticisms that claimed that it was support for Hezbollah and an enemy state.

“In a reformed country, the orange color would have painted the Tel Aviv City Hall tonight as a reminder of the expulsion from Gush Katif,” MK Ayelet Shaked attacked. Huldai replied to the defenders:

Minister Rafi Peretz also expressed strong opposition to Huldai’s gesture: “It is possible and necessary to provide humanitarian assistance to civilians injured in Lebanon, but waving an enemy state flag in the heart of Tel Aviv is a moral confusion. “A flag of lovers who are in pain over the expulsion of terrorists from their homeland, I have not seen this flag hoisted on the Tel Aviv municipality.”

MK Ofer Shelach, on the other hand, expressed support for the illumination of the city hall in the colors of the Lebanese flag. “What happened in Lebanon yesterday was a severe human tragedy,” he said. The Lebanese flag on the Tel Aviv municipality is a desirable and commendable human gesture. ”


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