Liars! With elections approaching, the VVD suddenly ‘demands’ “a stricter asylum policy,” and quickly a little – De Daily Standaard


It is unbelievable. Do they really think that the Dutch voter will fall for this? That the right-wing Dutchman thinks: “Oh God, after ten years of being in charge in the Netherlands, they finally understand at the VVD that something must be done”?

Bente Becker is a Member of Parliament for the VVD, the largest middle party in our country, which is no longer a middle party in terms of policy, but simply just left. Look at immigration, integration, economics, education, and “climate.” Left, left, left, left, left and, yes, left.

Anyway, Ms proudly announces today that she has written a column for her party’s home magazine. Yes, I am talking about De Telegraaf. In her column she writes that a stricter asylum policy is absolutely necessary. Because “a new uncontrolled influx to the EU as in 2015” must be prevented at all costs. “The VVD is fighting for this in the House of Representatives and the European Parliament,” she hilariously adds in a tweet about her opinion piece.

Of course nobody is impressed at all. Bente and its peers are responsible for ensuring that an open borders policy has been pursued for years. In the EU, a hand clap was made so that Rutte could pretend that he had enforced this or that ‘pledge’, but in fact he is the largest immigration prime ever. And that is due to the unconditional support he receives from his party, the VVD.

As SGJP’er (young people within the SGP) Tom de Nooijer puts it:

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