LG: Launches the LG VELVET in Israel


LG launches the flagship LG Velvet device in Israel. The new device emphasizes advanced design and an advanced user experience, along with a quality photo set. The device will be offered with an attractive price tag of NIS 2,299

LG demonstrates Velvet capabilities (PR)
LG Israel and Runlight, the company’s importer in Israel, today (Tuesday) launch the new flagship device LG Velvet in the fourth generation version. The new design is characterized by clean lines, and the company places great emphasis on the design of the smartphone and the attempt to turn it into a slightly different and mostly unique smartphone in the landscape of repetitive smartphones. Guy Ben Yehuda, LG’s VP of Marketing in Israel, stated that “The fact that today’s smartphones are becoming more similar to each other and difficult to distinguish by technical specifications alone, has led LG to change strategy and decide to focus on unique designs to differentiate itself and bring new added value. “.

Arrived in Israel: The LG Velvet (Photo: PR)

The Velvet provides advanced image solutions using the LG Creator’s Kit, which makes maximum use of the device’s 48 MP central camera, alongside ASMR technology recording that uses two high-sensitivity microphones to capture even the faintest sounds. The Steady CAM system allows users to record clear, high-quality video – even when shooting while in motion, and of course the Portrait engine, which takes care of taking pictures with a bold and prominent object.

The photo array includes three photo cores: 48 megapixel main – with an F / 1.8 aperture key, the second of 8 megapixel with a wide lens, and the third of 5 megapixel for depth photography. On the front you can find a 16 megapixel camera.

With an emphasis on design (Photo: PR)

The smartphone can be found against water and dust resistance to the IP68 standard, and military resistance MIL-STD-810, when tested in 14 hardness tests of the American military standard such as mud, dust, water temperature and more. The smartphone is powered by a 4,300 mAh battery that is charged using Quick Charge 3.0 technology and operates on a battery with a capacity of 4,300 mAh. The Velvet will be available in pink – gold, silver, white and titanium. The recommended price for a consumer in Israel is NIS 2,299 and includes a two-year warranty.


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