Levels Road: A cyclist was seriously injured


a a A A 20-year-old cyclist was seriously injured this afternoon (Monday) by a car on Golda Meir Road in Jerusalem, which has already been awarded the title of ‘Bloody Road’.

After receiving initial medical treatment at the scene, he was evacuated by the drives and paramedics who arrived at the scene at the hospital, with his condition defined as critical.

A senior paramedic on a motorcycle, Yishai Levy, and paramedic Shlomo Lindenbaum, said: It is difficult to define. “

Moshe Mizrahi is a paramedic at the Rescue Union: “This is an accident involving a private car and a bicycle. With the help of a volunteer paramedic at the Rescue Union, we provided first aid at the scene of the accident to the cyclist who was moderately to severely injured.”

Yossi Eisenstein is a paramedic at the Rescue Union: “The cyclist is suffering from injuries and injuries to his head and upper body. After initial assistance at the scene of the accident, he is being treated at the hospital.”

A police spokesman said that “police road accident investigators have opened an investigation”.


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