LETTER FROM JAN – To Lange Frans



Dear French,

Keep it up!

Continue your good work.

In the old days, when mental health care hadn’t been cut back, crazy people were squirted, locked behind a door with a combination lock and in the worst case put in a straitjacket.

They lived in a beautiful building, were given food and drink and if all went well they also received loving treatment.

If they thought they were the resurrection of Jesus Christ and needed to save the world, the sister gave them a glass of warm milk and a pat on the head and tucked them in extra tightly.

Nowadays they roam freely and have WiFi.

It is important that we know who they are.

And in that context I think it’s super cool that you are sacrificing yourself now.

I myself don’t have the patience, or maybe I don’t like people enough, to listen to them. As soon as such a wappie starts talking to me about the Illuminati, 5G or ‘ordinary flu’, it is: mute, block and the typhus.

But I do understand that it helps them more if you listen to them and act like you take them seriously.

You are a master of that.

When the ‘crop circle specialist’ (LOL) Janet Ossebaard gives free rein to her violent fantasies (Mark Rutte must die), you fuck a little with her. And not only that, you also record that therapeutic session with camera and microphone and publish it. And after that you bring a kind of press release out, in which you say that as many as 100,000 people watched that video.

Of course the Ox beard sees that. And then the chances are that she was happily crawling into her bed last night a toythen she took to the streets to scare a train driver of his life. Or to eat babies.

Keep it up, Frans.

Expose who the wappies are.


I read that the convicted koekwaus Micha Kat will also visit you soon, or has already been, for what he thinks’an interview‘ is.

And that new (self-proclaimed) star of Forum for Democracy, that Els, has already begun to placate you (documentary evidence 1). It’s just three tweets away from a DM to you and six DMs from an invitation to herself to appear on “your show.”

Furthermore has one Willem Engel (who has infiltrated that network of wappies on behalf of Antifa) published a list of Dutch celebrities (think: Kelly van der Veer, Dave Roelvink and Ferry Doedens) who can also use a Lange Frans treatment.

So you have to keep going for a while.

Until the clinics in the woods and dunes are restored.

Until then, thanks to you, we know who to watch out for on the street.

And say hello to Danielle when you speak to her.

She is real my favorite ‘wife of’.

Not a bad word about Daan!



PS. I never come without a present. What did you think about a new ‘Book of Sinterklaas’? Take a cover first, otherwise they will notice.

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