LETTER FROM JAN – To John de Mol


Dear John,


What will it be on August 31? Will Veronica Inside surpass that record of 1.7 million viewers set on June 22?

Think so.

And which of those ‘principled’ advertisers who had themselves screwed up by nauseating professional daughters like Arie Boomsma, do not miss the opportunity to reach so many potential customers, “after a good conversation with Talpa’s first name”?


How much free publicity has Talpa received in the past 48 days thanks to that football canteen joke by Johan Derksen about that head-kicking rapper Akwasi? You have desks that calculate the value for you according to the criterion ‘no matter if it is positive or negative, as long as they spell your name correctly’.

I bet: a multiple of the amount of income that Veronica Inside brought in the entire previous season.

And that is exactly where the shoe pinches for me.

That you only picked up the phone a month and a half after fucking Arie Boomsma, the smoothest slither of the western hemisphere, put the fuse in the powder keg and wrote an email to the protagonists.

You really milked the cow to the last drop.


Inhuman because we all now know that Johan Derksen’s credibility is for sale.

If you had supposedly called him to order after three days (something with a contract), he could have hid behind “in the heat of the moment”.

Now he has said twenty times that he would never sit at the table with Wilfred Genee at Veronica Inside again, because that would cost him his credibility. It was no longer an emotional impulsive statement when he still felt the knife in his back, but an extremely principled position. Which he could only return to with a huge amount of face loss.

It is nice that a dog shelter in Almere and the foundation of Casper van Eijk benefit from this, but from August 31 there is no longer a completely independent ‘mustache’ at the table, but a man without a spine. Not because he is back (contract is contract), but because you let him tighten the noose around his neck for 45 days, with his “never again”

I find even worse what you did to Wilfred Genee.

We can talk about it long or short, but let’s do something in between.

Wilfred is a great talent as a declarant.


When in the Veronica Inside broadcast of June 22 he suddenly (whispered by his boss at home and as soon as they smell dollars unprincipled figures like Ruud Gullit) wanted to improve the world and claimed a leading role in the racism debate, he made a terrible mistake.

Big blunder that he personally changed the format by placing two external guests at the ‘big table’ and thus breaking through the ‘safety of the dressing room’.

Can happen.


Could have been restored with the big boss’s quick intervention.

But you didn’t stop Johan Derksen (and the extremely flexible follower René van der Gijp) a month and a half later when they confirmed and confirmed and confirmed the image of Wilfred Genee as Judas, NSB member, backstabber and more.

A month and a half, John.

A month and a half Derksen and Gijp shaved it on the flat cart through the village.

Wilfred Genee’s career is broken.

From now on he will always feel eyes stinging in his back.

“There it walks …”

“That’s it …”

Also your fault.

You did not save Derksen and Genee, while you could have done just fine. After all, you were not isolated from the outside world in a house of Sporthuis Centrum with your wife.

Two original characters have now been stripped of their shine.

Arie Boomsma has achieved that very well.

Regards, too your – in your own words – most important advisor,


PS. A symbolic gift in that case.

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