LETTER FROM JAN – To Hugo de Jonge


Mr. Young,

How happy you must have been yesterday.

All day it was about nothing but that cowardly runaway action of the MPs of VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie.

That fat middle finger of types like Bente Becker (VVD), Madeleine van Toorenburg (CDA), Jan Paternotte (D66) and Joël Voordewind (Christen-Unie) towards health care workers deserved that attention as well. Such blatant proof that politicians are no longer representatives of the people, but manipulative power-hungry people, cannot be rubbed against the voters emphatically and long enough.

So that we do not forget their names and those of the parties that have them on a string.

The only naming and shaming list that is still missing is that of MPs who were too miserable to interrupt their eight-week vacation for the emergency debate on “the greatest crisis since World War II”. No fewer than 54 MPs did not clock in at all on Wednesday. Some of them undoubtedly with a good excuse, but a large majority did not feel like coming to work.

Among these 54 MPs were also four party chairmen: Klaas Dijkhoff (VVD), Esther Ouwehand (PvdD), Corrie van Brenk (50Plus) and Thierry Baudet (FvD).

I think something about that and I would think a lot more of it if those guys had been applauding me in March for being such a “care hero” and just now let me down in shit.

Anyway, politics is, as a former leader of a former renewal party said in 2006, “Dirty and filthy”.

Now we come to you.

What should not be forgotten in all the consternation about the selfish holidaymakers and the raunchy runaways is what Pim Fortuyn would call ‘The Ruins of Five Months Hugo’.

I’ll keep it short.

Too few corona tests.

Too little protective equipment (which led to a ‘big clean’ in the nursing homes).

The mega-failure with the corona app.

The incomplete emergency law that will give you almost unlimited power and that just wanted to get you through the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The lie about the capacity of the GGDs to do sufficient source and contact research. (Yes, that turns out to be no longer a bluff, but an outright lie!)

And now again that shit with that mandatory home quarantine for infected people and their contacts (with sky-high fines and even imprisonment as sanctions) that you presented a day before the parliamentary debate to divert attention from your blunder with the GGD.

And of which God improves the unelected power-hungry Hubert Bruls as chairman of the ‘Security Council’, when you again retraced your steps because of criticism from the House, you immediately said that the mandatory quarantine should simply be introduced.

You would expect to have used the time between the first and second corona wave for a major repair operation, preventing anything that went wrong on the first wave from the second.

The truth is, you went on vacation, you got your hair dyed, and that second wave is coming sooner than anyone predicted.

And in view of the upcoming elections, Mark Rutte has now started to put all the blame on your plate.

Since the parliamentary debate, “Hugo and I” has changed into “the Minister of Health”.

And rightly so.

That ge-Hugo on television does not suit a prime minister during “the greatest crisis since the Second World War”.

No matter how “dirty and grubby” you are behind the scenes, some decorum is in order.

And I think the relatives of the people buried or burned by your policy deserve that too.

Even if only to pretend that other people also fascinate you.



PS. The stack of gifts who you knew was coming!

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