LETTER FROM JAN – To all Zwarte Piet fans


Dear boys and girls,

I understand that some of you are angry with Facebook.

That company would have decided prohibit messages with images of Zwarte Piet.

Well, that’s not true at all, but I’ll get to that later.

First something else.

I myself am liberal to the core of my being. When it comes to non-essential utilities, just give me the free market. A thousand times I would rather have a world in which companies determine their own policy than the Marxist drama state that my natural enemies in Brussels, Amsterdam and The Hague strive for.

So if Facebook have such a policy that all messages from Dutch customers containing texts such as’ I’m going to stab your mother in the back ‘,’cancer fag your cancer granny son of a whore‘or’ I’m going to behead you inshallah with a knife for the slaughter ‘, then I find it sad for all those Moroccan guts that their literary discoveries are lost to history. But I also think it is right for the company behind the platform.

It is their platform and if those Moroccan bitches think that their texts should go out into the world, then they look for another platform.

Is Facebook working to censor those Moroccan bitches?

No, only the government can censor.

Is Facebook then so big and powerful that the freedom of expression of those Moroccan bitches is at stake?

No, because the great thing about the internet is that those Moroccan fuckers can just set up a new Facebook. The real Facebook once started in a student room, why can’t the new Facebook see the light in a shisa lounge?

Moroccan bitches who lose their stage and people who think that those Moroccan bitches are being treated unfairly by Facebook, shouldn’t complain as far as I’m concerned.

When they are really angry, they don’t bring their money (read: data) to Facebook anymore, they cancel their account and go to Facebook’s successor. And if they do that en masse enough, Facebook will repent or it will cost Facebook a lot of money.

Hyves could also break.

And now back to basics.

Facebook has not decided at all to ban messages with images of Zwarte Piet.

Facebook has decided to delete messages with images of Zwarte Piet after they have been reported by other Facebook users.

There are two reasons why Facebook users who post a picture of the painted children’s friend on Facebook need not worry at all.

First, there will be no one who goes to all that trouble. Searching for messages, mouse clicks several times… too much hassle.

Second, we learned collectively from World War II. Nobody wants to be a member of the NSB anymore.

Well, Kees Verhoeven from D66 and.

But he is not even on Facebook and is much too busy with the intern on duty.

So chill.

It’s also too good weather to worry.



PS. Present! You will need it badly in the near future!

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