LETTER FROM JAN – To all white Dutch people


Dear people,


Exactly 71 days after a criminal officer in Minneapolis killed revolving door criminal George Floyd (for whom he cannot be punished badly enough), we are back to the old normal.

Politicians, media and celebrities are silent.

We don’t hear them anymore, the figures who didn’t know how fast they had to bend their knees after Floyd’s death for the ridiculous material and intangible demands of a bunch of pigment-spoiled racists and fascists with a predominance.

In fact, they also return to normal.

I don’t think that’s a fact.

Evidence 1: Muslims become normal again in Het Parool, without being convicted by a judge put away as criminals. When a school director transfers money from one account to another, he sees his name in the newspaper the next day and is called “controversial money transfer.”

Proof 2: now that Giovanca Ostiana is on vacation, the Public Broadcasting makes no effort to make one of the ten (10!) Presenters of the defining talk show Op1 one of Caribbean origin. The last holiday substitute is not even a Turk or Moroccan, but the more white than cream-white Tim Hofman.

Proof 3: in the Volkskrant a footballer like Ryan Babel (born Amsterdammer with Surinamese roots) portrayed as a nitwit who only deals with designer bags and cars. And as an ordinary sack filler, who should show his gratitude for everything that this country has meant to him in the form of more than the obligatory tax payments.


Evidence 4: the most read message on Telegraaf.nl was all day yesterday that Hélène Hendriks (blonde, blue eyes) sat with Wilfred Genee (unknown hair color, blue eyes). And then it was not explained that ‘has sat’ meant: ‘had a cup of coffee in a hotel restaurant near Zwolle’. And not: ‘in the mixed prison in Heerhugowaard’. Something that would certainly have happened to Imanuelle Grives and Ronnie Brunswijk.

Evidence 5: the police are also back with the time-honored ‘offender cuddling’, because they neatly keep under the hood that the report for a so-called death threat to a certain Ghanaian will never lead to the conviction of a suspect, for the simple reason that real criminal investigations can be very painful for the ‘victim’.

Evidence 6: a column in which the tax refugee and professional provider Arnon Grunberg calls for reparations to be quoted only (well, swiped with acknowledgment of source) by Sylvana Simons on her Facebook page. You can’t get much more irrelevant.

I’ll give it another month.

Then the first pepernoten are also back in the store.



PS. You can’t get there early enough with the presents. Just put it in the closet for a while for later!

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