Leko: “Pleasantly surprised by Lamkel Ze, he was very focused” Extra Time


Frank Raes hosted trainers Ivan Leko and Hernan Losada in Extra Time on Monday evening. Analysts Peter Vandenbempt and Arnar Vidarsson also joined. Missed the broadcast? Make up for your damage here with some compelling snippets.

Leko: “Lamkel She was very focused all week”

Turbulent Didier Lamkel She had only one week of group training in the legs, but did appear at the kick-off in the cup final and was also one of the stars at Antwerp. “We have decided in consultation – also with the other players – to bring him back into the group and increase our chances in the final,” said Ivan Leko.

Can the Croatian Lamkel keep them in line this season? And how long then? “Day by day,” Leko thinks. “We will see. Will he stay? We will also look at that day by day. If he wants to stay, he is welcome. If he wants to leave, I wish him the best of luck. That is not my decision, either. I am only the trainer.”

“I honestly did not expect him to do so well in the cup final. I expected some flashes from him. But I noticed that he was very focused on training from Monday and he really wanted to know how we would play football I was pleasantly surprised by him. ”

Vidarsson: “There was some rust on Club Brugge”

In the cup final, Club Brugge did not act at the level of last season. “At times I had the impression that some players had some rust on it,” says Arnar Vidarsson. Was it because Antwerp was so strong or because it was the first match at that pace? I do not know.”

Peter Vandenbempt: “At the moment they are at least out of shape. Badji? He had a good substitute. He was immediately agile and playable. He is only 18 years old, but at the moment he is the player who is most in shape at Club. ”

Losada: “Want to become stable first division”

The Beerschot of Hernan Losada will be back in 1st class from this weekend. “We come from far. We want to stay in 1st class and become a stable first division”, says the Argentinian trainer.

One of the key pawns at Beerschot is the Austrian Raphael Holzhauser. “A very smart player,” says Losada. “He has fantastic kicking technique. Last season he was one of our most important players. He also brings peace to the ball and can play our strikers quickly. 1st class will not be a problem for him.”

Losada also said he was a fan of his countryman Marcelo Bielsa, who guided Leeds back to the Premier League as a trainer. “He’s one of my examples. He’s a psychopath. He wants to know everything. He says,” If my players were robots, I would never lose. “It might be a little bit like that.”

“I’m a fan of his intensity, his energy and his verticality. It’s true that he didn’t win that much, but he left his mark everywhere he went.”

“In Europe there are now 3 European coaches: Simeone, Bielsa and I. That is punishment. Bielsa and I have become champions and Simeone may still be able to win the Champions League.”

Extra Time went to collect the cup from Mbokani: “Responsible boy”

Leko: “No congratulations received from Bölöni”

Watch the full episode of Extra Time:


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