LEGO Super Mario Starter Set Review – The best LEGO set ever?


For this review we started with the LEGO Super Mario Adventures with starter set (59.99 euros), the extension package Desert Pokey (19.99 euros) and the power-up package Propeller Mario (9.99 euros). One word in advance: if you’re prone to addiction, you’d better continue reading another article right away. What do you believe: you are going to lose your heart and money to this LEGO Mario.

Anyone who grew up with Mario (let’s be honest: who doesn’t ?!) will enjoy the view of the boxes the LEGO is in. In fact, the Super Mario logo alone will make many a heart beat faster. There are so many LEGO packages already on the market, but as a true gamer you immediately get the feeling: isn’t this the best?

Does not work by itself

Curious and at least as enthusiastic as a child, we unpacked the boxes to start building. There is only one problem if you are not prepared for that: the starter pack needs 2 batteries (AAA) that are not included and you need a very small screwdriver to open the Mario doll. Guess three times: we both didn’t have immediate access. So be aware of this, otherwise you will come back from a cold fair. In our opinion it is too strange for words not to supply batteries.

If you think that you have overcome that obstacle, the next problem comes. To build the LEGO sets you need to download the accompanying app. Our iPad indicated that the app needs to be updated first. The current version did not grab the app. Then we wanted to install it on the phone, very impractical for if you still have to make a call, the screen is smaller … and oh yes, the bluetooth connection to connect Mario popped out and the app crashed. In short, the playing moment quickly changed from mega-enthusiastic to super-disappointed.

Real life Mario-maker

Everything finally worked three quarters of an hour later. The batteries were in Mario, the app works and construction could start. Let’s be honest: all the annoyances disappeared immediately. Because how cool this LEGO is. Through the app you build various parts, not only Mario, Bowser and Goomba, but especially elements to create levels. This is how you make a typical tube where Mario always crawls in for his coin-collecting frenzy, spins, turrets and a true flagpole. Awesome!

The great thing is that Mario is an interactive doll that makes all kinds of recognizable sounds. You hear the typical tune as soon as he enters a tube, when he jumps on enemies, collects coins, ends up in water, comes into contact with fire, taps the flagpole and what else? Suddenly LEGO has become much more than ‘just’ LEGO. You just get the feeling of playing a real game level in real life! It is truly fantastic and very addictive.

The disadvantage is that you are not making ‘really’ pre-chewed levels. This is partly so. The app largely gives you the building instructions, but after that you have to assemble everything yourself according to your wishes via LEGO pieces. This is unfortunate if you expected to put together a completely pre-made construction project. In addition, it is also not as sturdy as, for example, a complete café of LEGO Friends. This LEGO is more intended to build and play than to build and then, as the undersigned’s mother does, display and ‘show’ everywhere.

Feast of recognition

That playing makes up for a lot. The aim is to pass a level for 60 seconds and score as many coins as possible. So you can play with another, or even several people to see who is better off. With an expansion pack or power-up you expand the possibilities of building levels. You get the idea: the more LEGO you have in your home, the bigger the playground becomes. Literally!

It is a celebration of recognition for people who have played Mario games. As soon as you get to a question mark you actually get something extra, for example something so that Mario gets bigger, which can help again when you encounter an enemy. You can get more coins when defeating an enemy and the great thing is that the Mario doll records everything. By the way, you can keep track of things through your app and get new tips for building new levels. So the options are much more than you would think and it is more of a game than you would expect in advance!

LEGO Super Mario review – An (expensive) addiction!

To have the entire LEGO Super Mario product line at home, you have to spend more than four hundred euros. A lot of money. But the quality is very good. LEGO is like a life insurance policy: as long as you live, it will last. It is a pity that the game has to be played with an app and is therefore not suitable for everyone. On the other hand, there is an innovative collaboration that you can only enjoy. A golden move!

The pros and cons

  • Interactive Mario + sounds
  • Levels really come to life
  • It looks fantastic
  • Fun to play with
  • Feast of recognition
  • No batteries included
  • App required to build
  • Pricey


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