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Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA), the company of auto designer Gordon Murray, has unveiled its first sports car. The T.50 is powered by a V12 engine delivering up to 700 hp. Murray is known for the McLaren F1, widely regarded as one of the greatest sports cars of all time.

The T.50 therefore has some similarities with the McLaren F1 from 1992. This applies, for example, to the hinged doors and the seating arrangement, where the driver is seated in the center of the car. The T.50 is powered by a Cosworth V12 engine, although Murray was closely involved in its development.

The power source weighs 178 pounds, which, according to GMA, is the lightest V12 engine for road use ever. The engine delivers its maximum power of 663 hp at 11,500 rpm. The rev limiter only intervenes at 12,100 revolutions per minute. The V12 is linked to a six-speed manual gearbox.

Large spoilers for extra downward pressure are missing. Instead, there is a large fan on the back of the T.50, similar to the one on the 1978 Brabham-Alfa Romeo BT46B. This fan sucks in wind from the wind, making it pull over and under the car faster.

The fan is driven by the motor, except in the so-called V-Max Boost mode. Then a 48V battery takes over, allowing the V12 to temporarily deliver 700 horsepower. In normal use, the power source also delivers 600 hp. In that driving position, the car is also higher on the legs, so that you can more easily cross speed bumps.

The performance of the T.50 has not yet been announced, but the price has. The sports car costs a minimum of 2.36 million pounds (2.6 million euros). Production will commence in January 2022.

The fan is an unusual solution. (Photo: GMA)

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