Leftists call for a boycott of the fruit and vegetable shop visited by the prime minister


Hatred of Prime Minister Netanyahu is rising – calling on social media to boycott the vegetable store. Son of the store owner: “Do not forget that there is a livelihood of people here”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu toured Ramat Hasharon yesterday. During his visit, he went into the “Green Corner” store and bought some groceries there. Subsequently, calls were posted on social media to boycott the existing store for 30 years and not buy anything from it. One of the surfers wrote: “For years my parents have been shopping there for hundreds of shekels a week. It’s good to know where not to go after this dubious show of honor they made to the offender.”

When Prime Minister Netanyahu walked down Main Street, in Hod Hasharon, with his security guards, passers-by called on him to resign. At one of the businesses visited by the Prime Minister, a health food store, the seller offered him a “celebrity discount”, to which he replied: “No, this is a 9000 bag!”.

The Prime Minister responded to the “initiative” and said that “yesterday I went shopping and a strengthening tour at the” Green Corner “store in Ramat Hasharon. Today I heard with sorrow that leftists are calling for a boycott of the store. “From the leaders of the left, Lapid and Odeh: Stop splitting. And I ask you: Strengthen the small and family businesses. Come and shop in the green corner – Ussishkin 40, Ramat Hasharon.”

Journalist Yinon Magal wrote that “well, the pathology is getting worse. Now, it’s no longer to buy in a store that Bibi was positively accepted in! What’s the next step? Burning the store? Not sitting on a bench that Bibi’s supporters sat on? A pogrom?


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