Leeds United and Marcelo Bielsa have gone to extremes for Jonathan David – Transfer News


Jonathan David is a Dogue, a player from Lille. Although the goal-getter of the Jupiler Pro League could also have opted for the Premier League instead of the Ligue 1 …

There is no shortage of candidates for Jonathan David, who shattered the outgoing transfer record in Belgium this week. The Canadian could also have started working in the Premier League, with a PhD student: Leeds United had made David a priority.

Marcelo bielsa

According to The team closed Marcelo Bielsa, Leeds’ success coach, have contacted David’s manager to convince him not to sign for Lille. The sports director of Leeds was also on the line with the manager several times, but David’s choice had already been made.

Lille OSC was soon number one and at no time did David doubt that.


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