Lebanese respond to Huldai: “We will illuminate Tel Aviv with missiles”


The emotional gesture of Tel Aviv Prime Minister Ron Huldai to the Lebanese people would not have bothered us, had it not been for the reactions from the Lebanese side of the border that made it a fascinating test case for the Israeli left and its understanding of the conflict. Four hours on Twitter that summarize seventy years of history and hysteria of an entire peace camp, and summarize it in one hashtag.

Wednesday morning Huldai announced Because following the disaster in Beirut, he intends to light up the Tel Aviv Municipality building in the colors of the Lebanese flag. The gesture provoked a lot of reactions and in the discussion that ensued, some left-wingers volunteered to explain why this is such an important project.

so Explained this For example, a spokesman for the Tel Aviv municipality: “A terrible humanitarian catastrophe happened. We had rounds of war not with Lebanon but with Hezbollah.” That is, the Lebanese are a people on the Kippak, the problem is the terrorist organization Hezbollah. Shafir Autumn, another Tel Aviv icon, Detailed the message A bit more. “The discourse that needs to take place here is why this is what our relations with Lebanon look like in 2020. Instead of taking a train to Beirut and maintaining healthy neighborly relations with it, our government missed every opportunity to connect with the Lebanese and keep them away from Hezbollah. Prayerful leadership. ” According to Shafir, not only must we distinguish between the good Lebanese who are dying to be our brothers and Hezbollah, but a similar separation must be made between the Israelis – those who want to board a train to wipe tehina (or whatever they wipe there) in Beirut, and those – the “government” – Because of which it is not possible.

According to our tweeters, Beirut is nothing but a kind of Tel Aviv like this. It is also located on the beach; It also has Levantine architecture from the 1930s. They, too, like to go out in demonstrations in the summer, and they too are like Tel Aviv residents reluctantly captured within an enemy state whose government is a member of the fanatical religious extremists and destroys any possibility of dialogue.

In the hours since the City Hall was lit, the citizens of Tel Aviv II in Beirut have found their way to respond to the gesture. Under the hashtag “we No Need You ThisHundreds of venomous, hostile, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel reactions gathered, in the best Middle Eastern tradition.

You will find there, for example, dozens of variations of “We will light up Tel Aviv with our missiles”; Or “I also light your flag”, next to a picture of the Israeli flag on fire; Many replaced in Photoshop the Lebanese flag on the municipality with pictures of Lebanese dead from Israeli bombings in the Second Lebanon War; Some have written that there is no such thing as Israel, which has no right to exist in different versions; And some uploaded photos of Israeli children writing messages about shells fired, according to them, “on Lebanese children.”

One respondent claimed that “as a Lebanese citizen, I am not honored by the solidarity of Tel Aviv with Lebanon.” Not only that, According to him“Anyone who distributes images will be considered a traitor acting as an Israeli agent of the Zionist entity.” Other Wrote “Israel is an absolute evil and dealing with it is forbidden.” And the list goes on and on.

The Lebanese, then, are not really thrilled by the Israeli gestures. For them the conflict is very national and religious, they have a long and deep memory of the sacrifices they made during it and despite growing antagonism to the ayatollahs and Hezbollah, they completely do not see Israel as a “positive” player to cooperate against the “axis of evil” that destroyed the country. Like Israel’s attitude to the conflict between al-Qaeda, ISIS or other jihadist organizations and Hezbollah – enemies with whom we have no common interests despite hostility – so they see Israel’s conflict with Hezbollah. Hassan Nasrallah destroys them from within, Israel conquers the land of Palestine and destroys them from without. If they were not themselves the victim of all this, they would surely “wish good luck to both sides” in our entire round against Hezbollah.

But even the harsh reality will not deter the Tel Aviv ambassador on Twitter, Eldad Yaniv, Q.Responded this morning To the flood of slaps on the cheek received by the ratist venture. “So here it is – in Lebanon, millions of young people live in a scene that is worth following in Insta. The message went to them. Their Lebanese flag. Not of Hezbollah. The young Iranians should also be identified in the same way. This is how crazy governments get around. Only Tel Aviv can produce the new Israel. ”

Perhaps Yaniv will want to remember that we have peace agreements with some of the Arab countries, and as we learned in the Arab Spring, the people, the young people, the citizens of their Insta – really do not support Israel. On the contrary. Peace agreements have been reached with the leaders – the same “crazy governments” – and are usually based on common interests to the displeasure of the citizens. The Jordanian or Egyptian on the street does not read the Haaretz newspaper and for the most part has remained even more anti-Semitic and Islamist than ever.

Even when peace comes with Lebanon, Inshallah, the residents of the state of Tel Aviv will be able to continue to fantasize about the lost brothers in beloved Beirut. And when they get off the train (which stopped operating two decades ago) and take a taxi to Lebanese Rothschild Boulevard, they will keep their wallets close, hide their Hebrew captions and prefer to speak broken English while uploading photos to Instagram – the parallel universe of the state of Tel Aviv.


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