Lebanese Health Minister: Government resigns following disaster at port


The Lebanese government resigned following the disaster in the port of Beirut. Lebanese Health Minister Hemed Hassan said today at the end of a cabinet meeting in Beirut that the government had resigned and that Prime Minister Hassan Diab would officially announce this tonight.

During the meeting, most of the ministers informed Diab that there was no point in the continued existence of the government in light of the disaster and the rising public criticism. Diab is scheduled to deliver a speech at 7:30 p.m.

The resignation increases the political chaos in Lebanon. About 20 MPs have announced their resignations, but as long as the entire parliament does not announce a dissolution, there will be no elections. Hezbollah opposes the dissolution of parliament, which could change the balance of power to its detriment, amid strong opposition and criticism of the Shiite terrorist organization perceived by the general public as responsible for the disaster, and the troubles of Lebanon as a whole. An unprofessional poll conducted by a Lebanese journalist who supports Hezbollah on Twitter, in which no less than 200,000 surfers participated, showed that 87% oppose Hezbollah.

The possibility is that President Michel Aoun will impose the formation of a new government on another figure, but it is highly doubtful that such a figure will be found that will win the public’s trust on the one hand, and Hezbollah’s support on the other.

In the meantime, more than 250 million euros have been raised at the international donors’ conference hosted by France and the UN. For the purposes for which it was collected.

The demonstrations continue

Tonight, too, the public was called on social media to demonstrate against politicians. Meanwhile, demonstrations in the streets of Beirut continue today, and last night there were clashes between demonstrators and security forces who tried to prevent them from entering government offices, and especially the presidential compound in Babada.

President Michel Aoun has been sharply criticized by former officials and the public, especially in demonstrations and social networks, for allowing Hezbollah to take over the port and make it its own, and for the severe economic crisis exacerbated by the disaster. Aoun has promised an investigation but he opposes an international investigation as many in the public demand.

Speaker Nabiya Berry, blames the government, but opposes the demand for new elections proposed by Diab over the weekend.

The death toll from the blast rose to more than 200, dozens more are still missing, but the chances of finding them alive are slim. The number of wounded is close to 6,000.


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