Lebanese expert on the Beirut explosion: This is what caused the disaster


Lebanon professor of history and expert Eyal Zisser spoke today (Wednesday) with Anat Davidov on the program “Where is the money” on 103FM about the big explosion that took place yesterday in a port in Beirut, the Lebanese capital, referring to the possibility of the explosion Negligent “) and estimated that Hezbollah had nothing to do with the incident and that Nasrallah was not the target of the explosion:” The port is in the Sunni area of ​​Beirut, Hezbollah does not use it, unlike the airport for example. Nor would half Beirut be destroyed because of Nasrallah. ”

The extent of the destruction was documented in an intelligence report by the satellite company and intelligence solutions ImageSat International (ISI), which revealed satellite images in which the extensive damage can be seen at the site of the explosion at the port of Beirut.

Satellite images of the site of the explosion at the port of Beirut (Photo: ImageSat International (ISI), the satellite company and mod solutions)

How are you, Professor Zisser?
“Shlomi is fine, in Beirut probably a little less.”

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That’s right, exactly. Look, when we look at it, why do you compare it? This morning someone somehow compared it to the twin disaster, it’s of this magnitude, it shocks all beers even more, it reaches as far as Cyprus thousands of wounded hundreds killed and we still did not manage to count them all?
“Yes, but we must remember that Lebanon came out less than 30 years ago from a civil war that was more terrible and caused much greater damage. We also remember in 2006 the Second Lebanon War in which the IDF flattened the Dahiya between Hezbollah’s quarter, so That it’s a very dramatic event but they’ve seen things like that. “Look at what is happening in Syria where the whole country looks like this, it’s the Middle East and really spotty something provokes at once in one moment and it’s not a war, it was not perceived, it should not have happened, but it’s the Middle East, get up tomorrow morning and continue.”

Okay, so you also hint as President Trump said tonight according to all sorts of officers who told him, the good officers as he called them, that this is a bombing that is not some accident and accumulations of nitric ammonia and all sorts of substances that were neglected and placed in this port without proper protection. Save such materials?
“No no, unlike President Trump I do not know and do not know the facts for sure, I can only be impressed by the reports from Lebanon and the sight of them and they are explicitly talking about an accident there. “In contrast to, say, the Beirut airport area, most of Beirut, warehouses and ammunition storage, there was also no indication of any attack and it is probably a failing country, and as a failing country it is a weak country and does not keep Hezbollah and that is the result.”

Where do you hear from what you hear and as you know Lebanon, where do these materials lead? I.e. where are the traces you identify, if any during the morning, where does it lead? Are these materials that Hezbollah was supposed to use for terrorism? Were there advanced missiles there? What exactly was there and towards whom can the accusing finger be pointed?
“So first of all it is very interesting, because two or three years ago Nasrallah gave a speech in which he said we have an atomic bomb with which we will warn Israel, if we are fired missiles at the ammonia facility in Haifa Bay then they will be damaged and thousands killed and wounded and described a classic description of what “But you’re not saying, I do not know, I do not assume that these are Hezbollah weapons depots because it is not the main area of ​​Beirut, I guess I have no reason to provide in the official report of smuggled goods and things that were seized negligently stored.” .

So this is, who holds such accumulations of hazardous substances? Why keep it there in the heart of the city in the middle?
“Look, Lebanon is not a country in the sense that we perceive it, it is a coalition of hostile tribes, of testimonies, that every community and every important family and every clan has a militia and in the past there was also its own wharf in the harbor. It’s like coming to New York harbor in the good old days. “There is no country, there is this mafia and another mafia, this is what happens.

Such an action or explosion that shook Beirut and the whole area, as mentioned it reached as far as Cyprus. What does it do to Hezbollah that in any case its status because of the whole economic situation, because the residents are in a terrible situation, both corona, also health, also economically, Lebanon loses it completely. How much does it do to Hezbollah, Nasrallah, Iran which of course is involved in all these stories, how much does it weaken this whole gang?
“It puts pressure, it weakens, in two days a court ruling will be published in The Hague that will convict Hezbollah of Hariri’s murder but does that change anything in essence? Not that all these wonderful Lebanese who take to the streets, the young people who say destroyed our country, on election day Everyone votes for his clan, his gang leader, even the Shiites who do not like what is happening in Lebanon and some with a full stomach for Hezbollah, in the end what is the alternative ISIS? Give to the Druze or the Sunnis? So everyone goes to his militia and clan or his community, and Lebanon stays like “The government will probably be replaced and another corrupt one will come.”

And Nasrallah will remain, unless he disappears from our lives in some other way.
“Yes, unless in the next explosion he will be the target.”

You raised me to land here, which means it could have been a target here?
“No no, I do not think, would not have destroyed half of Beirut. Look what the Americans are doing to Qassem Suleimani.”

He’s been hiding for years, so he may have needed such an amount of bombs to destroy him, you know.
“On the other hand, the Americans knew exactly where Qassem Suleimani was, they did not harm a living soul, they harmed him exactly. I guess they also know where Nasrallah is and if they want to.”


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