Leased Wouter Burger literally returns stronger to Feyenoord: ‘I have gained ten kilos in muscle mass’


Wouter Burger is back at Feyenoord. Last season, after the winter break, the midfielder was rented out to fellow townsman Excelsior, but this season he will remain in De Kuip. But no matter how short the rental period was, it certainly delivered Burger.

Of course, the short period at Excelsior for Wouter Burger was not what he expected. But he is satisfied with what he was able to do in Kralingen. “In the end it will be seven games. And I would not have played seven games at Feyenoord. I have taken those minutes now,” he looks back.

Burger is also an experience outside the field that can help him take the next step in his career. “I have now also seen the other side. Everything is well organized at Feyenoord. The facilities with food, hotels, you name it. At Excelsior it was also well arranged, but it is different. To see that, it has well done to me. And of course I had hoped to be able to play post-competition, the important games that matter. That really makes you better as a player.

Strength training is paying off

And that Burger has been in the gym so much is noticeable. “I gained ten kilos in muscle mass in a year. Last year I weighed 72 when I was in the base at Feyenoord. Now I am at 80 kilos, with slightly lower fat percentages,” he says. For what it’s worth, because Burger knows he’s a footballer, not a weightlifter. “Nice things, but they are still statistics. Now I have to show with the ball that it really makes me a better player. I notice that I am stronger in duels. After Haps I am also the fastest player in the selection.”

One thing is certain for Burger: a new rental period is not in his opinion. He is a member of the selection of the first team of Feyenoord and expects to stay there. “So far we have five midfielders, so there is no room to leave. I really want to play and the opportunity will come this year. We are going to play a lot of games, especially at the beginning. Those minutes will come. I don’t say this is a basic player right away, because first I have to show that I’m ready. I’m going to do everything I can to show that I have to play. ”


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