Leaks from Iran: The country is hiding the real corona data ….


The corona in Iran – policy of concealment: The numbers of patients and deaths from the virus in the country are much higher than those published by officials – according to information leaked from Iran and published today (Monday) on the British BBC network. The Iranian Ministry of Health announced that by July 20, 14,405 people had died after contracting the virus, but information from government records indicated that the true death toll had reached nearly 42,000.

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According to a BBC report, the number of people infected with the virus known to the Iranian government stands at more than 451,000 people, almost double the number published – 278,827. Iran is one of the countries that has suffered the strongest blow from the corona in the whole world and in the region in particular, and in recent weeks it has witnessed a new and threatening eruption.

This is not the Iranians’ first attempt at concealment when it comes to Corona. According to the records transferred, the first death was registered as early as January 22, but only a month later the authorities decided to publish the case. The infection The first in the country. At the time, there were officials in the Ministry of Health who strongly claimed that there was not a single single case of Corona virus in the country. Reports from Iranian journalists and various medical professionals who tried to make their voices heard were silenced.

“The country was in denial” | Photo: Reuters

“At first there were no test kits, and when they were received they were not used extensively enough. An Iranian doctor who was not identified by name told the BBC.”

All over the world there is some uncertainty regarding the numbers of people infected and dead from the virus. This is usually a difficulty in obtaining a complete picture in the face of a low number of tests or limited epidemiological investigations. The situation in Iran is probably different: the leaked information reveals that the Iranian authorities reported low daily data even though the records showed other data – which of course suggests deliberate concealment.

The BBC reports that the real numbers were leaked to Lydia from a knowledgeable source who passed information from hospital records across Iran. The information included personal details including names, ages, sex, symptoms from which the patient suffered, exact dates and periods of hospitalization.

Corona in Iran
The information reveals personal hospitalization data from hospital records | Photo: Mohammad Hasan Zarifmanesh, AP

The Iranian source said he chose to expose the data to “shed light on the truth” and end the “political games” around the plague. Although the BBC could not verify the documents with the administration, the British news network verified the information with other sources in Iran.

According to the data, the capital Tehran suffered 8,120 deaths from corona symptoms. The city of Qom, which was the focus of the first outbreak of the disease, has the highest number of deaths – one patient dies per thousand people.

Iran tried to stop the first outbreak when it announced a closure on the days of the Norwegian holiday – Iranian New Year. The numbers may have dropped but Iran has lifted the restrictions and since mid-May the numbers of infected and dead are climbing rapidly.


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