Last night: Demonstration in front of the Supreme Court


Hundreds of people demonstrated in front of Esther Hayut’s house against what they call “legal corruption.”

Last night, hundreds of people demonstrated in front of the home of Supreme Court President Esther Hayut against what they call “legal corruption.”

The demonstrators shouted, among other things: “We are being robbed of democracy,” “The people are the sovereign,” “You are a shame,” and “This is not Iran.”

The demonstration was organized following the Supreme Court judges’ decision to allow a left-wing protest in front of the Prime Minister’s House even after 11:00 PM, which is defined by law as an hour after which noise is prohibited in a populated area. In Jerusalem.

Around 01:00, the police made it clear to the protesters that they would no longer allow them to gather and make noise in the place. A bus was brought to the scene in favor of arrests. The demonstrators made it clear that they would continue to demonstrate, just as the High Court allows left-wing demonstrators in Jerusalem to demonstrate after 11 p.m.

During the protest, right-wing activist Shefi Paz and another activist were arrested for questioning, claiming that graffiti had been spray-painted on the road. In addition, police confiscated amplification equipment that caused “unreasonable noise,” police said.

Matan Peleg, chairman of the If You Will movement that led the protest, said: “High Court judges are openly acting as a political body, seeking to shape Israel’s policy in place of its elected officials. The judges’ approach is that Israel’s laws, including Basic Laws, They are material in the hands of the creator and not a framework that they must respect, preserve and rule on. This situation puts Israeli democracy in real danger. It is enough for a dictatorship of the High Court! “Peleg announced:” If the residents of Rehavia do not sleep – so will the residents of Tzahala. Want to sleep quietly ?! “Make sure that the honorable president resigns immediately.”

Video shooting: If you want


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