Last application before petition Council member in the letter: “I will ask for an answer today whether an indictment will be filed against Liat Ben-Ari and her husband”


A member of the Rosh HaAyin City Council and deputy chairman of the city’s planning and construction committee recently wrote another and final letter to the city’s planning and construction committee chairman, the mayor and city council spokesman, demanding an answer today as to whether they intend to file an indictment against Liat Ben Ari and her husband Begin. Construction offenses committed on their property in Rosh HaAyin.

Under the heading “Another and last application following my application dated July 29 and also my application dated July 30,” Hanoch Oz wrote to the three: “My request for the issuance of indictments for construction offenses in Compound B, as required by law, and their sons regarding Liat Ben-Ari and her husband Avivi Shviki, has not yet been granted.. I would like to receive your answer today, do you intend to file indictments and when? Please give your answer today״.

Oz, who also sent a copy of his letter to the municipal manager, will not wait too long and if he does not receive a reply today, he will immediately appeal to the court ordering the authorities to file an indictment just as is filed in any other similar case.



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