Large number of summer camp participants in Georgia infected with corona Abroad


A teenager who worked as a camp supervisor left the site on June 23 with a cold complaint and tested positive for the corona virus a day later, the CDC reports. The local health authorities launched an investigation on June 25.

The camp started on June 21 and welcomed 363 campers aged six to nineteen. The majority of the more than 120 staff members who attended were also younger than twenty. In the days before the official opening, there were also 138 camp supervisors in training at the camp. After the positive test, campers were sent home, and the camp closed on June 27.

The CDC said the number of infections is likely to be even higher, as not all test results from the people who attended the summer camp are available yet. In a report, the health service states that the test results that are available add to evidence that children of all ages are susceptible to the virus and “unlike previous reports, may play an important role in transmission.”


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