Large Groningen festivals can move forward in the next four years after the subsidy has been awarded


A number of smaller festivals have to do without the subsidy from the fund. On Monday, the Performing Arts Fund announced the subsidies for festivals and producers for the next four years.

The committee has mostly positive words about Eurosonic Noorderslag: ‘The committee knows ESNS as a festival that has played a pioneering role in the (inter) national pop music field for some time. ESNS clearly profiles itself as the Dutch export platform that contributes to the international reach of Dutch and European music languages. ‘

Young Hearts

The national culture fund is also very pleased with the theater festival Jonge Harten Festival, which receives 127,840 euros. The committee believes that ‘the angles of approach fit in well with the living environment of the young public.’

Incidentally, the Noorderzon festival already received positive advice within the basic cultural infrastructure. That is why the committee does not consider a subsidy for the performing arts to be necessary.

Hard judgment

The fund awards subsidies every four years to festivals and production houses or companies. According to the fund, the same applies to dance company Club Guy & Roni as to Noorderzon; it also has sufficient financial support through other channels.

Meindert Talma Producties, based in Zuidhorn, is not ignored despite an initially positive advice, as is the SHELFISCH foundation of theater maker Veerle van Overloop and dramatist Judith Blankenberg.

The fund’s opinion on Talma was remarkably harsh: ‘The committee has reservations about craftsmanship’ and ‘there is less to say about the qualities of Meindert Talma as a singer and composer. For example, his voice has a limited scope. ”

The Lutheran Bach Ensemble from the city cannot count on a multi-year production subsidy either.


It was also a bad day for Jazz te Gast, Peter de Grote Festival, SoundsofMusic and Swingin ‘Groningen. These festivals are not subsidized by the national fund. Incidentally, they often receive support via other means, for example from the municipality or the province, so the rejection does not automatically mean that survival is endangered.

Festivals that do receive subsidies for the next four years:
– Festival Back to the beginning (25,000 euros)
– FesTivalderAa (25,000)
– International Chamber Music Festival Schiermonnikoog (18,750)
– Summer Jazz Bicycle Tour (25,000)

Cultural background

The applications were assessed on March 2 this year, so just before the corona crisis in the Netherlands broke out. The Performing Arts Fund emphasizes that this has changed the situation: ‘We will therefore examine with all successful applicants whether and how the effects of COVID-19 affect the submitted plans and which adjustments are required,’ says director-director Henriëtte Post.

The Performing Arts Fund also says it has taken measures in response to the recent anti-racism protests. For example, in the committees that assess the applications there will always be more than one person with a different cultural background.

Nationally, 78 producers and 58 festivals from 2021 to 2024 will receive a subsidy from the Performing Arts Fund. Many producers in particular are excluded. The fund did not honor just under 40 percent of the 202 grant applications.

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