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By: Roland de Jong
VLISSINGEN – The large fire in an apartment on the Hogeweg in Vlissingen, which killed a 64-year-old resident on Friday, has not been started. That is the conclusion of the police after investigation.

The apartment building fire started after a massive explosion occurred around 8:50 PM. Immediately there was a major fire. The fire brigade scaled up to a very large fire and several people had to be evacuated. Three people were slightly injured, a fourth was rushed to an hospital by ambulance. In total, 22 homes had to be evacuated. The residents of eleven homes were unable to return to their own homes in the evening and in any case had to spend the first night elsewhere.

After the fire was extinguished, employees of both the police and the fire brigade started a further investigation into the circumstances surrounding the fire. The police now report that no evidence has been found that there was an arson. “The police investigation is concluded with this,” reports the police.

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Mother (8/2/2020 at 4:04 PM)
Did the survivors not smell gas beforehand? Or has a pan been boiled dry, or …? No cause known? Is frightening, the idea that your house can just catch fire / explode … (So it’s not purely curiosity)
loes (8/2/2020 at 12:50 PM)
But it turned out that there was a large amount of oxygen, which went very wrong.
Raggie (2-8-2020 om 12:24)
so they still do not know what caused the explosion, would it not be that there is still cooking on gas and that a gas explosion has taken place


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