Large amount of asbestos dumped in Nieuw-Vennep residential area: “Children are playing here”


NEW VENNEP – Local residents are completely done with it. There is more often waste next to the containers, but the asbestos that was dumped last night in the residential area in Nieuw-Vennep is the last straw. “It was deliberately dumped in the dark”, a local resident tells NH Nieuws.

Local resident
Since last night, asbestos has been deposited at a waste point at the Bolwerksepoort. “We have someone living in the area who came home last night at half past eleven, when it was not there yet. And when I went to work this morning at 6:30 I saw construction waste lying around. When I come back I suddenly see that it is asbestos “says the angry local resident.

The municipality has put a blue screen around it and is expected to clean it up after the weekend.

“There is rubbish in the delivery parks almost every day”

Local resident

The delivery parks in this district have a container for cardboard, plastic and one for glass. Residents have their own bins for residual waste and large waste can be taken away. Because there was always waste next to the containers, the municipality installed two extra bins, but the waste remains a major problem. “There is rubbish next to it almost every day; laminate, paint, tires, prams, you name it. Now there is even asbestos and that is dangerous, there are also children playing outside.”

Local resident

The local resident does not have a good word about the person who did such an illegal dumping last night: “It is slightly outside the neighborhood, so perhaps he or she came from a surrounding municipality. In a trailer or van, of course. fast. I think it’s anti-social with capital letters. ”


The local resident has nothing but praise for the municipality: “They are always ready to pick up the dumped waste. They come on Sunday, Pentecost, it doesn’t matter. Those extra containers were also a good move.”

Nevertheless, the nuisance does not seem to decrease in the neighborhood. “Maybe they should put up cameras. At least they know who keeps dumping that waste there.”


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