Lapid: “The protesters in Balfour to tell Netanyahu that the contract is over”


Fire responder: Opposition leader Yair Lapid spoke today (Wednesday) during a debate attended by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during which the latter attacked Knesset members who criticized his conduct throughout the Corona crisis. In his opening remarks, Lapid said: “He is not yours – but of all the citizens of Israel.”

“The protesters are coming to Balfour because they own the house – it’s their house, they came to tell you the contract is over. They will not fire you because they are leftists, anarchists, disease spreaders, or any of the ugly names you called them. They will fire you for a much simpler reason. “Because you do a bad job. Once you did, you are no longer. They will fire you because of the economy, and because they can not stand what you are doing to the political system. They will fire you because young people in their 30s do not want to live with their parents,” he added.

“There’s a point where marketing has stopped. Even the world champion in marketing – and you’re the world champion in marketing, but you can ‘t sell to sick people who’s healthy. Can’t convince the unemployed that they have jobs. Can’t make people who have no money, think they have money. “Because you fail. You fail to treat the disease. You fail to treat the economy. You fail to treat unemployment,” he said.

Demonstrations in the Charles Clore Park in Tel Aviv (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)
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“For years you have told us that Israeli success is not the officials, it is not the lawyers, it is not the businessmen, it is not the economists – it’s just me. Look at me, I’m alone. I have no staff, no one else deserves credit. I run “The system, the success is only mine. I, I and I. So now – the failure is only yours. It’s not the officials, it’s not the lawyers, it’s not the business sector and it’s not the protesters,” Lapid continued.

“This crisis is coming to all of us at a bad time, but to you it is coming at the worst time. After 14 years of being prime minister, at the height of fatigue, in a legal war over your smile just when democracy seems to you like something mangs you have no power over. You can understand that, “It must not be accepted. Certainly not now. Certainly not in a growing crisis before our eyes,” he said.

Meanwhile, he teased the prime minister and addressed him directly: “I will tell you something that will amaze you. That goes against all your instincts. If I become prime minister, and there is a problem related to Iran, do you know who I will call? To you. With all the disagreements. With all “The bad blood. I will call you to hear what you think. I think you understand that, and I would like to listen to your opinion. The State of Israel is above politics, above all credit and above all of us.”

Finally, Lapid said: “These demonstrators are neither delusional nor strange, they are great. They are the best people in the country. They came to remind you that they are your bosses, and your bosses are very unhappy. They talk about healing from the disease, healing for the economy, healing for disconnection and corruption and for the people. Israel, to Israeli society. I walked among the demonstrators, and I understood what scared you so much. The birth of hope. For the first time in a long time, people smile behind masks. Hope is reborn. Re the power of togetherness. They found that if they shout together, hear them. That if they come together, see them. They are not together against, but for. It is an association around the positive. For honesty and mutual guarantee, for a government that works for us, for love of country “.


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