Lapid attacks: “If you had listened to my father you would not have had three indictments”


A bill was tabled in the preliminary reading to amend the Basic Law of the Government, of the Yesh Atid faction, headed by MK Yair Lapid, according to which, starting with the 24th Knesset, the President With her because of disgrace, in an offense of fraud and breach of trust or in an offense of the crime type.

The blue-and-white MKs Derech Eretz and the two Labor ministers were absent from the vote, while MK Meirav Michaeli from the opposition Labor Party supported Lapid’s proposal. In the opposition, the right-wing Knesset members who were in the plenum opposed Lapid’s proposal, while the Knesset members of Yisrael Beiteinu’s Beitar supported.

This is what the chairman of Yesh Atid, Yair Lapid, said today before the vote on his bill: In short, everything you expect from this government. It is impossible to manage the crisis in a worse way – it lives in a virtual world where people from all over the world call it and admire it, unbelievable. By all standards in an international comparison, Netanyahu is doing an extremely poor job. “Netanyahu has failed – he is not focused, his head on other things.”

Miki Zohar and Yair Lapid / Photo: Adina Wallman, Spokeswoman for the Knesset

The chairman of Yesh Atid ended his remarks with a sting – “Instead of the corona being Netanyahu’s enemy, the justice system, the prosecutor’s office and we are his enemies.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to the plenum to reply to MK Lapid and began by wishing MK Gantz a speedy recovery, “I wish Bnei Gantz good health.” The Prime Minister continued with reference to his visit this morning to a factory in Beit Shemesh that exports to fifty countries. Netanyahu quoted the factory’s CEO as saying: “We received unusual assistance from the state, and thanks to that I am recruiting more workers.”

Netanyahu went on to say that “the Minister of Finance and I work day and night for health and the economy. At the same time, we take care of security and those who harm us are harmed by it,” interim cries were heard in the plenum. “But precisely here in the Knesset, in what is supposed to be the Hall of Israeli Democracy, we are witnessing another disgusting chapter in an endless tract by those who hold democracy by the throat and a sword to decapitate them,” the prime minister added, referring to Lapid’s bill.

“Where do such laws pass? Only in the darkest dictatorships”

The Prime Minister compared the bill of Yesh Atid to dark regimes, “I stand here in the force of the people’s choice for him and his mission. An unprecedentedly large public gave me their trust in the last election, more than any other party in the history of Israel. Here come Lapid and Odeh and want to hurt me as happens in tyrannical regimes. Where do such laws pass? Only in the darkest dictatorships, in Iran can the Guardian Council disqualify any candidate and they do so whenever there is a candidate who endangers the rule of the ayatollahs. This is Iranian democracy. ”

Netanyahu went on to hint at a coup attempt against him, “When Germany re-emerges after World War II, it is defending the fundamental right of democracy. It is not even possible to interrogate a Member of Parliament. Why? Because it is understood there that stakeholders, including functionaries, may try By improper means, in dismissing witnesses with tailor-made charges. ”

“We want to move from sewing portfolios to sewing laws. Shame on you: Yair Lapid, you and Odeh are trying to overthrow democracy. You are encouraging demonstrations on the one hand and an Iranian law on the other, which is trying to overthrow an elected government,” the prime minister said. He later quoted a newspaper in 2004, referring to Lapid’s late father: “The then Minister of Justice, Yosef Tommy Lapid, says – this bill is anti-democratic and endangers the rule of law in Israel – anti-democratic of the most dangerous kind. It is precisely his son who promotes this tyrannical law. ? “.

Netanyahu continued with a rather aggressive speech towards Lapid: “I have not yet talked about the presumption of innocence, you and your friends in the media who crush it, and are arrogant of right-wing voters. You are constantly impersonating. You are impersonating without a matriculation certificate You are a dictator – with the appointment of a party leader who alone elects the Knesset members until the end of generations. Dr. Lapid and Mr. Dictatorship. MK Adi Kol, who tried to tell the truth, was expelled from the party. “Dr. Lapid, stop acting against democracy contrary to your father’s opinion, you are a Pike Democrat and I will continue in your father’s path.”

“You’re sweating because you know you’re on your way to jail”

MK Lapid returned to the rostrum to reply to Netanyahu. “Mr. Prime Minister, you can see the sweat so far. It is worth saying remember the blessing of the one who passed away when you speak of the father of. You’re talking about another law, not the one my father referred to. You yourself voted for the law I am raising now, in 2008. ”

Referring to his father, Lapid added that “I checked by the way what you said about my father in the previous speech – he also advised you ‘do not touch the money’ and if you listened to him you would not have three indictments. I will quote you in what you said about Ehud Olmert, ‘exists “There is a real fear that decisions will be made on the basis of self-interest and not the national interest.”

Netanyahu asked to respond to Lapid’s speech, but Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin pointed out to him that it was not possible.

The heated exchange continued even after the vote

At the end of the referendum on the Yesh Atid and Lapid bill, which fell, the prime minister again went to the plenary in a personal message: “Tommy Lapid said at the time – ‘Resigning prime minister due to indictment, you do not want to give the ombudsman the sole authority “For the removal of a prime minister – do you want officials to remove a prime minister?” The answer we received from Lapid today is yes. The bureaucracy exists here. ”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu / Photo: Adina Velman, Knesset Spokeswoman Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu / Photo: Adina Velman, Knesset Spokeswoman

The Prime Minister referred to Lapid’s connections with the publisher of Yedioth Ahronoth and journalists: “A man who met secretly with Noni Mozes dozens of times, in which he harnessed his friends in favor of the scandalous law of ‘Israel Today’ and in return received countless positive articles in the newspaper. Knight of the rule of law – you did dark business here … you came after receiving countless positive articles, you resent? What about equality in investigations and indictments? You want to transfer the democratic powers of the country to officials: GIVE ME A BREAK! You said about Iran “Ask for my advice, and you do not understand economics – want to study? Let’s make you a small chair next to the government, sit down, study, do an internship.”

To all these things, Lapid replied: “There is an election – we saw an election speech here. There is a campaign and there is an election. Netanyahu answered another question, what does Netanyahu want to be the issue of the election. The justice system. He does not want us to talk about the failing economy, unemployment, business “Those who fail, sir, will not run away from it, this will be the campaign. Whoever fails to manage a national crisis will not be able to be prime minister.”


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