Lapid and Barak encourage anarchists, it’s time to unite


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently wrote (Wednesday) on his Facebook account: “The investigation into the incident in Tel Aviv is underway. I expect the police to investigate the truth and bring to justice those responsible. There is no room for violence for any reason. There is also no room for incitement and threats of murder – explicit And the hints – against me and my family, including the shameful threat of crucifixion today in Tel Aviv. Knives – Many media and public figures choose to ignore this. “

The Prime Minister added: “One of them, Yair Lapid, like Ehud Barak, also encourages groups of anarchists whose goal is to violate public order and undermine the foundations of Israeli society. I expect from everyone a uniform standard: to condemn violence and incitement. “Everyone has to lower the flames and maintain public order. It’s time to unite. We all have a common mission – to defeat the corona. We will only succeed if we work together.”

archives. Photo: GPO


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