Lamkel Zé talks about his future (at Antwerp) – Football news


In a week, Lamkel Zé went from the B-core at Antwerp to the podium in the King Baudouin Stadium. The Cameroonian no longer thinks about a transfer.

When the preparation at Antwerp started, Didier Lamkel Zé caused quite a stir by sending his cat and announcing that he wanted to leave. The crazy winger was referred to the B-core by Ivan Leko and was fished up only five days before the cup final.

But he was there. “It was a bit surprising that I could kick off, yes. I am of course glad that they needed me. But, I am also amused in the B-core”, Lamkel Zé announced in The newspapaer.

Whether that also means that he absolutely does not leave he does not want to have said. “I have to wait and see. I would like to stay myself,” he concluded.


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