‘Lamborghini that Dave Roelvink crashed is for sale for more than a ton’


The very expensive Lamborghini Huracán that Dave Roelvink crashed at Leidseplein a month and a half ago is now for sale. The company that owns the heavily damaged sports car expects to be able to get 114,750 euros for the car.

Although the Lamborghini is now poison green, it is according to the Gelderlander for the same car. Images from just after the collision show that the car has a copper color. But according to the newspaper, that would be one wrapping. The foil has now been removed from the car.

The sports car was not owned by Dave Roelvink himself, but by his friend Mo Bicep. He indicated that he was not in the stomach with the accident. ‘Material damage is not a problem, it is only material and iron. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with him (Dave Roelvink, ed.). ”

The insurance company expects to get more than a ton for the car. New a Lamborghini Huracán costs about 276,000 euros.


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