Lamborghini crashed by Dave Roelvink is for sale | Entertainment


Lamborghini Huracán, die Dave borrowed for a ride from Mohamed Lemhadi, better known as Mobicep, however, is not yet repaired. For example, the nose is still in the creases, and the driver’s airbag, that of the passenger and the one in the left seat, are defective. However, the car has its original color again: bright green.

According to Car week the Lamborghini is for sale at Boonstra Damaged vehicles for 114,750 euros. For comparison: the cheapest Lamborghini Huracán (without damage) currently for sale costs 178,888 euros. For a new one, you will pay more than 276,000 euros.

Mobicep has already bought a new Lamborghini Huracán, recently he also bought a Rolls-Royce Dawn. Dave also gave himself a new car as a gift. In early July, he bought a white Porsche Cayenne.


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