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Eviatar Barkan 01/08/2020 14:25
And Bentos champion, time for scores (Reuters)

And Bentos champion, time for scores (Reuters)

Winning nine consecutive championships in a tough league like Serie A is an achievement that probably only a huge and glorious club like Juventus can fulfill. It seems that this particular season, in which things in the local arena did not go smoothly for the Bianconeri, testifies above all to the strength of the team from Turin, which maintained hegemony in the boot country, and despite the difficulties that stood in the way, left no doubt about its dominance. Looks like it’s going to crack.

Unlike teams that have won the previous 8 championships, the 2019/2020 Juventus model looked more vulnerable, mainly because of its defensive ability. Since the winning streak began, the old lady’s defense has not conceded more than 30 goals this season, but at the current one she already stands at 40 With another game left, and right now, she’s not even the second best defender in the league.

Juventus players celebrate (Reuters)Juventus players celebrate (Reuters)

Although he won his first degree in Italy, Maurizio Sari had to deal mainly with professional reviews and also those that touched on the way he manages his staff. The phrase “Juventus will keep the championship despite the fact that it stands on the lines and not thanks to it” has become very common in the Italian media, where it is claimed that if Juventus had a rival like Napoli, of the same sari in 2017/2018, the mighty streak would have been interrupted.

But the money is counted down the stairs and the infamous coach eventually put the 36th title in the Bianconeri’s crowded closet. Cristiano Ronaldo starred as usual, Paulo Dybala came back and big, Leonardo Bonucci had to do without his other half, Giorgio Chiellini and the busy link did its thing too. So even though Sari and his players still face the important task facing Lyon in the Champions League, it’s time to reveal the old lady’s transcript in the local arena.

Juventus players (Juventus official website) (ONE system)Juventus players (Juventus official website) (ONE system)

Goalkeeper: Not thrilled by Buffon’s comeback

Wojciech Szczesny 8.5 – The Polish goalkeeper did not let Buffon’s exciting return home influence him and kept the senior jersey in Sari’s squad. Despite the high absorption rate (relative to Yuba) Chesney had to deal with a greater amount of work compared to last season and did so very well. The 30-year-old goalkeeper has signed for quite a few Bianconeri points and beyond the fact that in his 28 appearances he has kept a clean sheet 11 times, it can be said with certainty that he is the reason why the absorption balance was not higher, and not the other way around.

Wojciech Szczesny (Reuters)Wojciech Szczesny (Reuters)

Defense: Not easy without Kylini

Leonardo Bonucci 7 – The veteran brakeman has had to deal almost all of the season without his other half, Cagliani, and had to speed up the integration process in the center of defense with the young Mathis de Licht. While the Dutchman experienced a difficult adaptation, the 33-year-old defender continued to function as an anchor in the black-and-white back and missed only 3 rounds, in one of which his team conceded 3 goals against Sassuolo (3: 3). In parallel with the defensive work, Bonucci found the net 3 times and as always, his measured and well-known long balls helped the front players to reach quite a few dangerous situations.

Leonardo Bonucci (Reuters)Leonardo Bonucci (Reuters)

Matisse de Licht 6.5 – The Dutch stopper arrived as the big acquisition of the summer for 85.5 million euros after preferring the Italian champions over Barcelona. The opening was not easy for the 20-year-old, who arrived with mountains of expectations, but more than once his mistakes led to unnecessary absorbs, mainly due to unnecessary hand touches inside the extension. As the season progressed De Licht was able to stabilize the ability and in the four games in which he started after returning from the Corona lag, the team conceded only 2 goals. What perhaps most testifies to his improvement is the fact that when he was absent from the game against Milan, the team took 4 balls out of the net. The Dutchman scored 4 league goals and even added One cooking.

Matisse de Licht (Reuters)Matisse de Licht (Reuters)

Alex Sandro 5.5 – The left defender maintained statistics similar to those of last season (one goal and 3 assists), but experienced a significant decrease in defensive function and was also not dominant enough in the offensive part. Returning from the Corona did not brighten his face when he missed the first four games and at seven Subsequently, in which he took part, the champion’s defense conceded no less than 16 goals.

Alex Sandro with the ball (Reuters)Alex Sandro with the ball (Reuters)

Danilo 5.5 – The right-back failed to get enough into the shoes of Joao Canselo, who made the opposite move to Manchester City as part of the trade between clubs. The Brazilian recorded 21 Only appearances in the league when in quite a few games Sari preferred to divert Juan Cuadrado from the link to the right side of the defense. Since returning from a forced break, Danilo has had more opportunities, and he hopes that the trend that allows him to prove himself will continue in the rematch against Lyon and in the additional decisive stages of the Champions League, if Juventus passes the French.

Danilo Celebrates (Reuters)Danilo Celebrates (Reuters)

Link: Pjanic in a farewell round and the revival of Rabio

Miralem Pjanic 7 – The midfielder who will pack his bags at the end of the season and move to Barcelona, ​​continued to be an important screw in the center of Sari’s pitch and despite the feeling of extraction provided the goods in midfield with no less than 8 assists alongside 3 goals. His ability to open tangles in the middle and get the game forward with one smart touch created quite a few situations for Ronaldo and his teammates at the front. Apart from the championship, the Bosnian will also hope to say goodbye to the trophy with the big ears.

Miralem Pjanic (Reuters)Miralem Pjanic (Reuters)

Juan Cuadrado 7.5 The 32-year-old Colombian, who suffered an injury last season and made just 18 league appearances, has returned to being a significant factor and a regular car player in the black-and-white uniform. Whether placed as a winger, or as a right-back, Quadrado was there for Sari for any mission and also provided a respectable offensive contribution with 6 assists and 2 goals. Proved that above all he is first and foremost a player of a club and Yuba can be satisfied that a contract that is not in the club has two more years ahead.

Juan Cuadrado (Reuters)Juan Cuadrado (Reuters)

Rodrigo Bentancor 7 The Uruguayan midfielder continues his graph of progress from season to season and is without a doubt one of the important factors of the Bianconeri in midfield. Fills the 50/50 role in a wonderful way with support for the home side, which saves the defense quite a bit of work thanks to the ball extractions, as well as the offensive effect that is reflected in 8 shots. The work ethic and attitude of the 23-year-old gave him the team shirt in most games, despite the congestion in the link, and there is no doubt that Lyuba has a connection to a bright future for many years, with his contract in Turin valid for another 4 years ahead.

Rodrigo Bentancor (Reuters)Rodrigo Bentancor (Reuters)

Adrian Rabio 6 – If the score sheet had been published with the exit to the corona break, the French connection would probably have scratched the score 4 from below. Came to Turin at the start of the season as a free agent with a mountain of expectations but in the first 15 rounds he started only 3 times in the squad and had a hard time restoring the ability from the good years at Paris Saint-Germain. The problems off the field and also the intervention on the part of his mother / opinionated agent, almost led to a breakup during the corona break, but since returning to the pitches something has changed. Rabio is a partner in 10 of 11 The last games (9 in the squad) and looks like a player completely different from that of before the outbreak of the plague.

The bonus came in the form of the only league goal he scored this season, in the game against Milan, which is without a doubt one of the candidates to win this season’s conquest. He has little reason to criticize his debut season in Italy, but Juventus hope that the ability in the last part of the season, is the first swallow before Lyon and of course also towards next season.

A huge goal by Rabio ran from side to side

Ark Ramsey 5 – Like Rabio, the Briton came with quite a few expectations as a free agent from Arsenal at the beginning of the season, but even in Italy the repeated injuries did not allow him to position himself as an 11th player and he was swallowed up a bit in the rotation and great competition in the center of Sari. The Welshman completed 90 minutes in one league game this season (against Inter) in which he also scored one of his 3 goals and scored the only goal. His in the league.

Arun Ramsey (Reuters)Arun Ramsey (Reuters)

Belz from Tweedy 6 – The French connection has continued to be relevant even this season and as always does what is expected of him with a lot of hard work and very little ego. Has not let Corona contagion interfere with him and has been a partner so far in all games since returning to action. At the age of 33, the Italian champion continues to receive the proper output from him in the center of the field and also recorded two cooks.

Belize from Tweedy (Reuters)Belize from Tweedy (Reuters)

Offense: Ronaldo and Dybala covered the grayness of the rest

Cristiano Ronaldo 9 – The very fact that the Portuguese phenomenon has accustomed us to a situation in which a 35-year-old player continues to break records even against the tough defenses in Serie A, probably says it all about him. When he reached the 13th round with only 5 goals there were those who were already in a hurry to eulogize him, but as always, as the season draws to a close the crucial moments, CR7 begins to soar. By the way, since the 13th round he has not won in just 5 games (in one of them he did not play at all) and the huge gap from Chiro Immobilia (before returning from the break) in the battle for the goal kingdom has been significantly reduced.

On the records that are broken from cycle to cycle there really is nothing left to expand. 31 Goals and 6 assists have so far contributed to the phenomenon that has already achieved everything, but each time continues to be the hungriest player out of the 22 who go up to the pitch.

Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrates (Reuters)Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrates (Reuters)

Paulo Dybala 8.5 – The talk last season that Ronaldo’s presence at the club is harmful to the Argentine striker, just seems ridiculous these days. Number 10 has recovered after a lame season and he currently stands at a double-digit number in the goal column (11) and cooks (11). The fantastic ability and the collaboration with Cristiano, have made him from someone whose name has been linked to a possible departure, a player on whom they want to base the club’s brand for many years to come. Beyond the offensive impact and the numbers that have come back to line up, Dybala has returned to being the player who makes fans get up from the chair in the stadium (or from the armchair at home in the days of the Corona) whenever the ball connects to his foot.

Paulo Dybala (Reuters)Paulo Dybala (Reuters)

Gonzalo Higuain 6 – The Argentine arrived together with Sari from Chelsea but in light of the ability of Ronaldo and Dybala he became a complementary player in the champion’s attack and seeing the fact that out of his 31 appearances he rose 12 twice As a substitute and only 7 times completed 90 minutes. His talent and sense of goals can not be ruled out but Pipita seems to have understood his place, and it should be said to his credit that even after reports of the possibility of not returning from Argentina after the Korna break and finishing his way at the club, he finally returned and despite the small amount of minutes. And even found the network twice.

Gonzalo Higuain Celebrates (Reuters)Gonzalo Higuain Celebrates (Reuters)

Federico Bernardski 5 – The winger struggled to make an impact at the front of the champion and instead of advancing and securing his place at 11, went backwards, compared to last season, both in terms of ability and impact and in terms of numbers, and became one who comes off the bench or is constantly replaced. One gate and one cooking on the 28th Performances are really not enough when you have to prove yourself in front of players like Ronaldo, Dybala, Quadrado and Higuain.

Federico Bernardski (Reuters)Federico Bernardski (Reuters)

Douglas Costa 6 – This is the second season in a row that troublesome injuries prevent the Brazilian from playing continuously. of 23 His performances he completed Only once in 90 minutes and most of the time at all did he get off the bench, so his impact in the first place could not have been decisive. Despite this, he scored one goal And cooked more 5 And having recovered and partnered in all the games since the start of the season, Sari can certainly count on him well ahead of the fateful battle against Lyon.

Dybala and Pjanic celebrate with Douglas Costa (Reuters)Dybala and Pjanic celebrate with Douglas Costa (Reuters)

Coach: Despite and not thanks

Maurizio Sari 5 – If you look at the bottom line then true, the veteran coach who celebrated a bachelor’s degree on Italian soil has a championship, but what to do that unlike the uniform of his team, in football not everything is black or white. As already mentioned, under Sari Yuba, especially in the defensive part, the season seemed more vulnerable than ever and there is a feeling that if rivals were a little more consistent and stable, the 61-year-old Italian would have continued to wait for his debut title in his homeland.

Of course the losses to Lazio and Napoli in the Super Cup and Cup final (respectively) did not help the image, but the coach knows that a successful run with the renewal of the Champions League could turn the bowl on its mouth for him. Despite the many criticisms that he has lost the locker room and that he does not have the ability to manage and be authoritative in front of stars like Ronaldo and Dybala, the support he received this week from sporting director Fabio Pratici, who stated the coach will continue, will give him the opportunity to correct the impression.

Disrespect? Ronaldo’s reaction to Sari


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