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Tuesday in L1mburg Central: Number of new corona infections in Limburg is not too bad, Fortuna loses exhibition game against FC Twente and more Limburg news.
The number of new corona infections in Limburg is not too bad
It must be different with the corona measures. This is what experts from various backgrounds say in an advice about the effects of corona measures. The Ministry of Health wants to know which measures should be retained and what needs to be done differently to prevent or limit a possible second wave in the autumn. The number of corona infections continues to rise nationally. Last week, more than 4,000 corona infections were added throughout the Netherlands. In Limburg it is not so bad with the number of new infections, 75,
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Farmers in action against diesel theft
There are more and more reports of theft of diesel from generators needed for irrigation of agricultural crops. Parts are also stolen, even nozzles. The police have promised to pay extra attention, but farmers now also want to use private guards. The LLTB has pledged financial support for such a regional diesel watch.
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Fortuna loses exhibition game against FC Twente
Fortuna Sittard played a friendly match against FC Twente, an opponent they will soon encounter in the premier league. The game was lost for the residents of Sittard with a minimal difference: two against one. Despite the fact that it was a practice match, trainer Hofland is certainly not pleased with what he saw of his team in the field.
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This way your pet keeps it cool during the heat wave
It is well known that not only people but also pets can suffer from a heat wave. Yet during such a heat wave, the telephone is often off the hook for veterinarians. It seems that many people are still not sure how best to guide their dog or cat through these warm days.
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Route Regio on the road in Mesch
Every day our reporters for Route Regio visit special places, stories and people in our province. Bas van Mulken went to Mesch today.
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